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We Made It!
July 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Yes folks, we finally made it. 2002 The Quest For Number Six All Over Again has officially begun as the 49ers reported to training camp yesterday afternoon. No more will we have to postulate theories regarding the improvement of players, or how the team’s chemistry has changed. With training camp now upon us, we can speak boldly about the team, who’s hot and of course who’s not. I can feel my withdrawal symptoms subsiding already.

Don’t get me wrong, the off-season is a very fun time of the year for me. I love following the college draft, and watching the free agent additions throughout the NFL. But “this”, “this” is football. This is the game I love to watch and play. I can’t even begin to hide my exuberance that the real football has once again returned to the forefront of the sports.

The 49ers opened camp yesterday with a meeting that took approximately two hours. It dealt primarily with orientation and expectations. The day was also filled with medical check-ins to make sure that the players are ready for the grueling summer temperatures in Stockton, where the 49ers are currently holding their camp (it was 95 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, but the temperature is dropping a little due to a cold front - expect high 80s and low 90s over the next three days).

Practices begin this morning at a 8:45 AM PST. The team will hold another around 2:45 PST in the afternoon. Generally speaking, the 49res like to have their off time at the warmest parts of the day.

49ers Paradise has written a lot of preview articles in the weeks leading up to the camp. I have compiled links to them all below to make re-reading them easier, as they have now been archived. Future articles regarding training camp will continue to be accessible through the pull down menu on the main page.

Rookie Signings:

  • Gaines Agrees To Terms--07/21/02
  • Curtis Agrees To Terms--07/21/02
  • Doman Near Agreement--07/21/02
  • Shaw Near Agreement--07/21/02
  • Anelli Near Agreement--07/21/02
  • Chandler Agrees To Terms--07/17/02
  • Heitmann Agrees To Terms--07/17/02
  • Kosier Agrees To Terms--07/17/02
  • Preview Position Battles and Non-Battles:

  • Training Camp Battle1--07/05/02
  • Training Camp Battle2--07/06/02
  • Training Camp Battle3--07/07/02
  • Training Camp Battle4--07/08/02
  • Training Camp Battle5--07/09/02
  • Training Camp Battle6--07/10/02
  • Training Camp Battle7--07/11/02
  • Training Camp Battle8--07/12/02
  • Training Camp Battle9--07/13/02
  • Training Camp Battle10--07/14/02
  • Training Camp Non-Battle1--07/15/02
  • Training Camp Non-Battle2--07/16/02
  • Preview Coaches:

  • Coaches Preview--07/18/02
  • Coaches Preview--07/17/02
  • Training Camp Coaches--07/20/02

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