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Rookie Kicker Chandler Agrees To Contract
July 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers draft pick Jeff Chandler agreed to terms on a three year contract with the 49ers. The deal includes a hefty $330 000 signing bonus and the league minimum salaries for each of the next three years. His signing puts Jose Cortezís position on the team in tremendous jeopardy.

Despite being near equal throughout mini-camp, itís hard to believe the 49ers would jeopardize such a large bonus on a player that they did not envision making the final roster. Thus, the deal has essentially secured Chandlerís position on the roster.

Typically the 49ers wait until all of their picks have been signed before releasing any statements, and this year appears no different. The news came from Chandlerís agent rather than from the 49ers office.

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