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Training Camp Coach Added
July 20 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Every training camp, the 49ers add a few coaches to their staff to assist with the extra players in camp. This year will be no different, as 49ers alumni and some NFL alumni who are interested in some coaching will join the team in Stockton for some, or all of training camp. The 49ers have two current, full-time coaches on their roster that were groomed via this manner in, Brett Maxie and Tom Rathman.

One 49ers alumni who have already helped out in mini-camps and is expected to be at training camp is Chris Dalman. The former 49ers center will assist Pat Morris with the offensive line coaching. Dalman was of course, fortunate enough to be coached by the late Bobb McKittrick, the legendary offensive line coach.

Steve Young is expected to come by a little, especially to work with rookie Brandon Doman. Both are BYU alumni, and friends. Young is very busy with his ‘ForeverYoung Foundation’ but has made time to work with Doman over the off-season. Young has already helped out Michael Vick of the Atlanta Falcons during one of their mini-camps. He is expected to do similarly with the 49ers quarterbacks.

The team recently announced that cornerback Gill Byrd, the former NFL great, will join the 49ers too. Byrd a former Charger, and two-time Pro Bowler will work closely with Brett Maxie in the defensive secondary, highlighting of course the cornerback position. Byrd had some of the best mechanics at his position, and even challenged Jerry Rice a few times. Byrd has experience working with Maxie, as they worked alongside each other in 1998 with the Panthers (under the watchful eye of former 49ers coach George Seifert).

In the past, Jim Mora Jr (the former defensive backfield coach, and current defensive coordinator) had shown Jason Webster and Ahmed Plummer footage of Byrd, to help them in the learning process. The opportunity to learn directly from him though is regarded as a great opportunity.

There will surely be others assisting as coaches in the training camp process. The 49ers cherish bringing in alumni to work with the current roster, because of their long and glorious past. They believe it is key to have the right coaches in place to continue the team’s winning tradition. Who better to do that than ‘master’ 49er alumni?

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