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Rookie Corner Teddy Gaines Agrees To Terms
July 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Cornerback Teddy Gaines, who was drafted in the seventh round by the 49ers this season, has reportedly agreed to terms on a three year $905 000 contract with a $21 000 bonus. Gaines will compete with a horde of other defensive backs for a position on the regular season roster.

A short cornerback, Gaines is also very quick. He will try and find a spot on special teams, perhaps even trying out for the kick return position. However, the competition ahead of Gaines is immense, and possibly even insurmountable.

Gaines will have to show the 49ers an awful lot in order for them to keep him on the roster. His speed and tenacious attitude will be what he depends on this summer.

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