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Rookie Quarterback Brandon Doman Near Agreement
July 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Quarterback Brandon Doman, who has been tutored in the 49ers system this off-season by the legendary Steve Young, is extremely close to agreeing to terms with the 49ers, and is expected to sign before the beginning of training camp.

Doman is reportedly close to a deal that will pay him the minimum salary plus $105 00 signing bonus for an undisclosed amount of years (likely three, the apparent standard for this years picks). Doman will be vying for a quarterback spot that will have immense competition at it this season.

Although Doman could be a candidate for the 49ers practice squad, especially considering the new rule that allows teams to carry an extra practice squad player - providing they are a quarterback, still if he can give the 49ers reason not to put him through the waiver wire first, he may find himself on the regular season roster.

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