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Draft Chat Transcript John Murphy - Transcribed By Bryan Hersh

THIS CONTENT IS COPYWRITED, REDISTRIBUTION OF IT (including copy/pasting it to a message board, forum or bbs) IS PROHIBITED AND COULD RESULT IN LEGAL ACTIONS - feel free to quote up to 1 paragraph providing a source link to http://www.49ersparadise.com is included

Welcome JM! our guest of honor
JM: How are you Bryan

Good welcome to the chat and thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. We are looking forward to your comments, and your input on this years draft
JM: My pleasure... great fans... I get to visit SF every year for the East-West so glad to do it

Ok, well if you are ready, we can begin with our first question
JM: Shoot

ok... and when you are ready for the next one, just type >>

Is smith the niners choice
JM: It would seem that if they can get a deal done with him... Smith will be the choice
JM: I still think they would like to entertain some offers
JM: But other teams feel they can deal with Miami or Clev.
JM: If the right deal came along I think they would strongly consider moving down... if not it will be

Is Rodgers just a local favorite and looked upon as 2nd tier by the rest of the country
JM: Minnesota has the combo of picks to make a deal work, but it is also done to feel out the rest of
the market>>

Will the Niners take Smith/Rodgers or trade out?
ESPN reported that the niners phone is on fire the past few days...How likely do you think it is that
the pick will be traded?
JM: Rodgers is the most ready to play... I think everyone gets to over-analyzing the draft the final 2
weeks... so names will move up and down>>

When do you expect we will hear about the agreement with a pick or trading of the pick?
JM: I think they want to be overwhelmed by a deal... and have not been so far>>

Can you ask him where he thinks Adrian McPherson will go B and who would probably draft him
JM: If it is him signing Friday afternoon... if not probably not you here welcome to the 2005 NFL

All of the talk has been about the 1st pick, what CBs/ safetys do the niners seem enamored w/ and is
it possible that they could go WR on the 1st day?
JM: McPherson is anywhere from late 3rd to 4th... TB, KC, GB, STL all really like him>>

What do you know about the way the war room will function for the 49ers this year?
JM: I know they have spent a good amount of time re-evaluating the WR's they took last year>>

<followup> I was actually referring to who will be on the phones, who will have final say,
how much consensus etc.
JM: Nolan will make the final call but he has taken the scouts reports and then given the positions
coaches some leeway to add their opinions, as well>>
JM: The phone is usually the final decision maker... the rest of the room gives ideas or answers
questions as asked... >>
JM: The actual guys you see at the draft are usually just BS guys who earned a free trip... team
dentist and such...>>

What are your thoughts on David Baas as a right guard?
JM: Baas is being evaluated at both OC and OG... would probably be too high to take him at #33, but he
won't make it to the 1st pick of the third... he also played more LG and OC than RG, but should be able
to handle all three spots if necessary>>

Who is one player that has been overblown by the draft media sites, and is much lower on
teams' boards than expected?
JM: Derrick Johnson, LB, Texas>>
JM: There are at least 4 teams that did not give him a 1st round grade>>

How much O-line attention will the niners give in the draft
JM: O-Line probably more between rounds 3-5... and maybe a late round OT project type guy>>

If you were the 49ers would you address the OL or the QB position?
JM: If they take QB first... I think they take a DL or DB next... then look at RB, WR, OL in the 3rd
JM: I don't think any one will overpay for the choice...
JM: If the Vikes offered both #1's, 2nd and 3rd... that is still barely enough to cover the #1 overall
choice... in terms of the value chart teams use...
JM: And the Vikes want to have at least 2 choices on day one... so that would make a deal tough to

How do the niner like in the 2nd rd?
JM: Right now I think they are hoping to see a run on offensive players late first so a DL/DB of choice
slips to that spot>>

What CBs/safeties will be available at #33, how does he rank pool, bullocks and butler?
JM: They are eyeing an all-purpose type back, blocking TE>>
JM: Pool or Bullocks could be in that range... Butler is more of a 3-4... most have him 4th round now>>
JM: Pool could go as high as STL or GB... if not NE...

Do you think one of the top 5-6 CB's will fall to the second.
Are the niners more likely to draft a CB or S in that second round?

For a team looking for a coverage free safety, who is better? Brodney Pool or Josh Bullocks?
JM: Dallas, NYJ and NO really like Bullocks... Dallas might look to deal down for him>>
JM: Actually neither... Pool is better in coverage... Bullocks does best playing centerfield...
JM: Bullocks would probably fit best in Nolan's system of those three>>

There has been talk of Minnesota trading - is there any chance of a top 10 pick being added to a 2006
1st rnder for the first pick? from a team other than Minnesota ie Tampa
JM: The problem with a 2006 pick is that you would really have to hope the team dealing slides (record
wise) if not those are looked at as having the same value as a 2005 2nd rounder...
JM: There is just not a guy team's want bad enough... and to go down to #5 or #7... you are still
JM: You have to wait it out and hope you scare a team into making a bad deal>>

Wouldn't it be in the 9ers best interest to trade down even if they don't get equal value on the value
chart? With Minn's 7, 28 and 49 and our 33, we could likely get 3 starters and a qb at the top of the
2d round.
JM: Not with that deal... #7, #18 and #49 would be equal to #1
JM: If you add #33... it would be a great deal for the Vikes
JM: If they swapped #3's and not #2's that might work
JM: Geez... I did not know we would get a visit from Coach Erickson...

Nolan said he will draft a rb. What round do you think that will happen? Who do you think
we will pick
JM: I think that is more of secondary idea... feeling that there will be some solid guys around between
rounds 3-5...
JM: Guys like Marion Barber, Ryan Moats, Alvin Pearman... they all fit the bill of what they are
looking to find/add>>

Is there a NT that could suprise people in the NFL comin out this draft?
JM: I think guys like Ron Fields, Mississippi State and Sione Pouha, Utah are going to be solid
contributors... not big names... but solid interior linemen
JM: How much all the substance abuse issues shakes up the DT's will be interesting to see on draft

I think it is very possible that the niners will package alot of their later round picks to move into
the slots in the 3rd and 4th rounds who as some quality defensive and offensive lineman that can be
found there
Would you take less value to trade the #1? if so, whats the minimum you would accept?
JM: I would say they would have to get #7, #18, #49 and something else... this or next year... similar
to what the Giants gave up
JM: If not you have to decide if your guy will still be there if you deal down
JM: It would be a hard road to come back to if you dealt down to #7 and all your guys came off the

What receiver do you see being a surprise in this draft? Could a courney Roby or Mark
Bradley be this years Kerry Colbert
JM: Roby can provide a good vertical threat early in his career... Bradley has some work to do before
he is a complete WR... but his speed and athleticism will get him picked earlier than expected...
JM: Have I missed any of the earlier questions>>

What r the chances Rodgers could drop to #7, if SF traded with Minnesota for their 2 first rounders?
Who would be interested in him in the top 10?
JM: I think Tennessee could be a surprise team to take a QB if one was there...
JM: Arizona is not totally set, but I think they like Smith more...
JM: So unless TB took Rodgers at #5... yes, he could slide to #7>>

Last smith Rodgers Q
What is the perception of Alex Smith vs. Aaron Rodgers in terms of intangibles? Smith's are touted,
but what do teams think of Rodgers?
JM: To me, Rodgers intangibles have come in those two games against USC...
JM: Smith is just as much a system QB as Rodgers... but the schedule Rodgers faced was better the past
two years...
JM: I think taking Smith also gives your team a break... as the 49ers would likely play Rodgers right
JM: Where as Smith is not expected to play right away... so he can't be considered a good or bad pick
for 2-3 years...
JM: If the pick is Smith... it will be interesting to see what kind of deal he signs... if the back end
years have more value... since he might not play much early>>

Who in the draft has a chance to become a starter at nose tackle in a 3-4?
JM: Castillo, Fields, Shropshire, Burt... late would be a guy like Andrew Hoffman of Virginia>>

What are your thought on marion barber, i honestly do not see many flaws? why are do people
seem to have him in the top of the third when he has 1st round talent?
JM: Barber has good all-around tools... but he does not always finish off his runs strong... thinks he
has better outside speed than he really does... so he tries to go outside rather than turning it up
JM: I think he has good hands as a receiver, can also return kicks early... but he has to work hard all
of the time in order to play up to his talent>>

What do you think about Demarcus Ware? Does he look as fast on film as
JM: Even faster in person... I think he does not get past the top-15 picks...
JM: 3-4 teams have fallen head over heels for him...
JM: But he plays best closer to the LOS, and does not want to bulk up past 250-255 pounds...
JM: Teams are hoping they find a Freeney type... that he can step right in and get 10-12 sacks...
JM: Ware will be taken about several other bigger names>>

What wr's have the Niners expressed interest in besides Edwards?
JM: Roddy White, Reggie Brown, Terrence Murphy, Roydell Williams... they will all fall between late
first and the third, as Williams has made a big move recently>>

Is JJ Arrington a consideration?
JM: Consideration yes... but probably not where he will go... if Arizona passes on an RB in the
first... he will be gone to them in the 2nd...
JM: Also some talk that TB could pass on RB and take him at #36

Do you think Cody/DE/OKLA. could slip to #33?
JM: That's a real possiblity... if teams like Cincy, Seattle, Denver deal down... and New Orleans and
Green Bay go LB especially>>

What do you think of the potential of small school WRs Vincent Jackson and Larry Brackins
to become #1 receivers?
JM: Jackson should be a fine performer at either WR or as an H-Back... not sure about a #1... Brackins
has raw skills... but is 2-3 years away... does not have the pure speed of a guy like Javon Walker...
more of a #3 if he can develop...>>

How are castilo and Hawthorne's stocks doing afte the drug probelms?
JM: Castillo is likely to fall 1/2 a round... Hawthorne might now be more 3rd or later>>

The first pick of day 2 is big i think who will fall and what position?
JM: Should be a few good WR's... OL depth will still be solid... probably 1-2 DL's that had day one
grades... a lot of LB's... ht/wt/speed CB's... and most of the safety class>>

What do you think of Matt Jones and where do you think he'llbe drafted
JM: I like Jones to find a role between H-Back and WR... not 100% sold at WR... he's fast, but not as
quick/fluid as you need to be at WR...
JM: Will give a solid effort and improve as a blocker... but never going to great in that area...
JM: Special teams potential... really likes to hit and get involved on the field...
JM: Will be able to run a few gadet plays with him too
JM: Depending on what teams do... as high as #18 and as low as early 2nd>>

You mentioned the 9ers have carefully reevaluated our receivers including last year's draft
picks. Do you know what they think of each of the wr's?

JM: They want to see more on Hamilton in training camp... and I think it is wait and see on Woods right

where he believes ciatrick fason will be drafted and if possibly the niners would be
interested in him
JM: Fason is likely going late 2nd to 3rd... good hands... excellent fit for West-Coast offense... big
back but has some moves... and could be a solid value choice in the 3rd>>

 If you trade down to 7 and your four guys are off the board, what's wrong with trading
down again -- we get 2 or 3 picks in the last half of the first round, plus 2 or 3 second round --total
of 5 in the first 2 rounds. That could get us a quality cb,qb, dl,ol, rb.
JM: Got to be able to sign all these guys too... and that will get tough, since you cannot give them
all the bonus money they will want under the rookie cap>>

Assuming the 49ers draft a QB other than Smith or Rodgers, who would you take?
JM: I think that Frye is going to be the best value pick of the QB's...
rulo: what do you think about adrian macpherson??? he is good fit for the niners???
JM: He's likely to get 2 years ot sit and learn so that will allow him to be ready when he gets under

Who is the best lock to be a pro bowl player regardless of position?
JM: Mike Nugent... LOL
JM: A guy like Chris Spencer or David Baas could quickly develop into a top-notch center
JM: Carlos Rogers was the best football player of the top CB's... some teams like Rolle more as a FS...
but both can be impact defenders
JM: It's a tough draft to pinpoint guys that are sure-fire guys for the next level>>

Wesley Britt will he be around top of round 4?
JM: Britt might go late 3rd... he had a good workout recently... tough to pass on experienced OT's as
the rounds go by>>

bryan49ers: Think ciatrick Fason is one of the most talented backs in this draft, what do u think. Will
he be there in the 3rd
JM: I think that the way the draft plays out... Fason is still on the board in the 3rd>>

To what degree do the 49ers have intrest in linebacker in this draft? If they do what round would they
be looking at?
JM: LB is probably more of a day two... like finding a OLB that might develop in a 3-4... play some
special teams... that kind of guy in the 5th or 6th>>

Can he name a couple of division 1AA players that down the road can turn out to be good or great

JM: Okay figured that... WR/RT Jerome Mathis... should make some big returns early on...
JM: Adam Bergen will be a olid #2 TE with good pass catching skills...
JM: Brandon Jacobs will be tried in a number of roles... RB, H-Back... his size/speed has a lot of
teams talking... especially Philly and Minnesota...
JM: OT's Michael Roos and Frank Omiyale are going to be drafted higher than people expect...

Elton Brown where is his stock after such a wierd Senior Bowl and Combine?
JM: Defensively... Ronald Bartell CB/FS, Jordan Beck LB are the top IAA defenders>>
JM: Brown was hurt and made it worst by not just staying home from Mobile and preparing for the
JM: He is still #1 OG on a lot of teams... because his tape is so strong... probably more mid to late
2nd now>>

Brandon browner ran a poor 40, is there anything that you have seen on tape that maks you think he is
a 2nd round pick?
JM: 2nd would be too high for me... he's similar to Lenny Walls of Denver... needs to play that
style... and have coverage over the top or he will get burned deep... drew too many penalties this

Last question: if the niners trade the pick what would be the most likely event to happen
i.e. which picks would be traded and who would the niners take
JM: If the 49ers make a deal... they will either get two #1's, another 2005 pick and some type of 2006
draft choice
JM: If they move down in 1st... they could then deal back up to the end of the first if they want Frye
or Campbell>>

Thank you JM for speaking with us tonight, as well as for your constant work and reports
that you have sent through 49ers Paradise. I understand that you may stick around for a bit, for a bit
of a free for all chat, and hopefully that will stay rather 'safe and controlled" too. On behalf of
49ersparadise.com and 49erswebzone.com thank you very much, we look forward to continuing to build this
relationship in the future!

JM: Not a problem guys... keep up the great work... your fans provided great questions and a great
atmosphere for draft talk

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