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Renfree reunion? Harbaugh previously pursued Duke QB

This is a portion of a syndicated post. Read the original at San Francisco 49ers - Niner Insider Blog - SFGate.com or scroll down the Extra Point.

After explaining the story’s premise, I mentioned some of the quarterbacks Harbaugh had recruited or drafted through the years: Josh Johnson and Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck and Colin Kaepernick … “And Sean Renfree,” Taggart said. Huh? Sean who?… Extra Point:

If I watched the Renfree without the context that Harbaugh had recruited him in the past, I'd probably just pass him over. If I was a betting man in that instance, I'd use bwin and bet against the 49ers drafting him. He's not terribly accurate at the mid to long range throws, and he showed a few instances of not being able to read or anticipate the defense in the first few minutes of clip in this article. BUT his connection to Harbaugh means he's a kid we should keep our eye on. Not only that, Harbaugh must have seen something he liked the first time around.

Huddle About It:

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