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THIS CONTENT IS COPYWRITED, REDISTRIBUTION OF IT (including copy/pasting it to a message board, forum or bbs) IS PROHIBITED AND COULD RESULT IN LEGAL ACTIONS - feel free to quote up to 1 paragraph providing a source link to http://www.49ersparadise.com is included

There are very few teams that can boast winning multiple SuperBowls.  Fewer still, that can say they have one five of them.  And not one team, not one team other than the 49ers, can boast a perfect 5-0 record in the Big Game.  The 49ers dynasty was the first to win five Super Bowls, and they are in a constant quest to win number six.  This section of 49ers Paradise is designed to commemorate each one of the 49ers five World Championships.

Super Bowl XVI
San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
Pontiac Silver Dome, Pontiac Michigan
January 24th, 1982
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The 49ers won their first Super Bow just one day before I was born.  Little did they know that they had just began one of the greatest dynasties in the NFL's history. As years would progress they would be given the title "team of the '80's" and would establish a slogan on their 50th anniversary... "Winning with class." They were playing the Cincinnati Bengals in Michigan in front of 81 270 people. Joe Montana was at quarterback giving a MVP performance.  One of only two Super Bowls the 49ers played without Jerry Rice. Montana ran for a TD to open up the scoring and would later toss another to WR Cooper. Wersching had 4 field goals. The 9ers racked up 275 total yards and managed to win even though they gave up 356 yards. I guess it all came down to time of procession where the 9ers had the ball for about 5 minutes longer than the Bengals. the final score was 26-21 9ers and they owed it all to Dwight Clark's legendary reception, "The Catch" that brought them there by beating Dallas in the NFC Championship Game. [more]

Super Bowl XIX
San Francisco 38, Miami 16
Stanford Stadium, Stanford California
January 20th, 1985
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Bill Walsh had the 49ers on top of its game for some time now. The Bay Area was divided between the 49ers and Raiders, but it was the 49ers who would prove to be able to win continually.  The 49ers went 15-1 and went on to win the "Big One" for the second time in the '80's. This time though it was against Miami.  Dubbed as the Montana vs Marino Bowl, this game featured to of NFL's best quarterbacks.  People came from everywhere to watch the legendary game that recorded an amazing 84,059 people.  Montana naturally beat out Marino in this contest throwing for 24 completions on 35 attempts for 331 yards with 3td's on his way to his second MVP award. Star receiver Dwight Clark went 6 for 77 but it was Roger Craig with 2td's and Freddie Solomon with 1 who netted the points. The 49ers out did Miami in every imaginable way: First Downs, rushing, passing, time of procession, winning their second Super Bowl. [more]

Super Bowl XXIII
San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami Florida
January 22th, 1989
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The first of back-to-back Super Bowl victories for the 49ers, was also the second time the 49ers faced the Bengals in the Super Bowl. This bout in front of 75 129 people would end much in the same way the first one did, with the 49esr winning. Once again the 49ers scored first with the 1st of two Cofer a field goals. Rice caught his first Super Bowl TD as he went 11 for an amazing 215 yards winning the game's MVP award. John Taylor had the other TD. Montana had 23 of 36 passes completed for 357 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both Rice and Montana proved in this game, that big players step up in big games. The 49ers third victory would also be Bill Walsh's final as the head coach of the team.  He announced his retirement from coaching shortly after the season, and named his successor as George Seifert, the 49ers defensive coordinator of that time. [more]

Super Bowl XXIV
San Francisco 55, Denver 10
Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans Louisiana
January 28th, 1990
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Head Coach George Seifert had no problem picking up where Bill Walsh had left off.  The new head coach moved easily into his new role, and lead the team to its second consecutive Super Bowl victory.  The 49ers showed no mercy in this game, dismantling Denver by 45 points.  This Super Bowl would be Joe Montana's final one as he beat yet another legendary quarterback, John Elway, while en route to his third MVP performance.  Montana completed 22 of 29 passes with unbelievable accuracy, throwing for five touchdowns.  Jerry Rice caught three touchdowns in his 7 reception 148 yard performance.  Even Steve Young got to play in this game, completed 2 of 3 passes for 20 yards.  The 49ers established a single team Super Bowl record with 461 total yards in this game, as they held the ball for 19 minutes longer than Denver.  The 72 919 fans at this game witnessed one of the biggest blowouts in NFL history.  [more]

Super Bowl XXIX
San Francisco 49, San Diego 28
Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami Florida
January 29th, 1995
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The 49ers record fifth Super Bowl championship came in their second Super Bowl played in Joe Robbie Stadium.  Familiar with the turf, the 49ers dismantled the San Diego Chargers.  George Seifert's second title as head coach of the 49ers was a bigger blow out than the score would indicate.  Steve Young was leading the way for the first time in 49ers Super Bowl history.  He did so admirably, tossing an early 44 yard touchdown pass to Jerry Rice - who caught three in all in his ten reception 149 yard performance.  Young also connected later with Ricky Watters for a 51 yard touchdown pass.  Young finished as game MVP completing 24 of 26 passes for 325 yards a Super Bowl record 6 touchdown passes (beating Montana).  The 74,107 in attendance also saw Deion Sanders try his hand at receiver.  [more]


Pocession SB XXIV - - 39:31 minutes
Most yards passing SB XXIII Montana -- 357
Most yards receiving SB XXIV - - Rice 11/215
Most yards rushing SB XXIII Roger Craig -- 17/71
Most TD's Rice Total = 7
Most thrown TD's (game)  Young total=6
Most thrown TD's Montana total=11
Most FG's SB XVI Total = 4
Highest attendance 84 059
Longest TD / FG 51 Watters / 41 Cofer