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The highly requested "We Are The 49ers" song.  You can download the MP3 by clicking here
Chorus 1:
We are the 49ers
We are always fighting
And we're always exciting
We are the 49ers
We're the red and the golden
We will never fall down

Started back in '46
Kezar had a lotta tricks
Seagulls flying way too low
The 9ers were the only show
Football in the park
Fourth quarters getting dark
Leather Helmets were OK
Sunday was a day to play

Frankie Albert, Banducci
Norm Standlee, Joe 'The Toe'
Vick and Tony owned the team
The Morabitos had a dream
Played the Giants and the Bears
Cards, Packers, we're not scared
The city helped to make the sell
They would join the NFL

Chorus 1

'Million dollar backfield'
Y.A., Joe 'The Jet'
John Henry Johnson
Hugh 'The King' was the best
Buck Shaw coached the team
Nomellini, he was mean
St. Clair ate raw meat
The Alley-Oop was also sweet
Gordy Soltau, Billy Wilson
Abe Woodson, J.D. Smith
Bruce Bosley, Hazeltine
Charlie Krueger made some hits
'Red' Hicky - shotgun
Brodie pass - Kilmer run
Watters, Willard ran the ball
Howard Mudd made them fall

Chorus 2:
We are the 49ers
We are always fighting
And we're always exciting
We are the 49ers
We're the team they all wanna be
The team of the century

Then the 70's came along
We'd been losing for so long
Dick Nolan came to town
We won three division crowns
We beat the Vikings and the Skins
But the Cowboys did the same
We might just have won it all
But Preston Riley dropped the ball

From that time on, it was sad
Losing never was a fad
Washington, Jimmy Johnson
Tommy Hart, Wilcox
Laid their best as a team
But never realized a dream
Things were looking mighty lean
Then Eddie D. bought the team

Chorus 1

Bill Walsh had esteem
Joe Montana led the team
Dwight Clark, Ronnie Lott
Dwight Hicks, Randy Cross
Fred Dean, Keena Turner
Williamson, Eric Wright
Took 'em all by surprise
With a vision in their eyes
Playoff time did finally come
We beat the Giants like a drum
'The Catch' by Clark saved the day
What else do we have to say

Chorus 2

Superbowl 16, Hacksaw, Wersching
Dan Bunz, Earl Cooper
Schuman, Hofer, Billy Ring
Superbowl 19, McIntyre, John Ayers
"Pee-Wee" Board, Mike Wilson
Craig, Tyler, Bubba Paris
Superbowl 23, 24 - we want more!
Sapolu, Rathman, Harris Barton
Fuller, Jones, Steve Wallace
Seifert, Rice, JT, Steve Young, Bar None
Superbowl 29 - we're the first team to win five

Chorus 3:
We are the 49ers
We are always fighting
And we´re always exciting
We are the 49ers
We are the red and the golden
The tradition goes on, and on, and on...

Chorus 2

We are the 49ers!

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