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Season 7 Show 3: 49ers Paradise Podcast - HOTN: The New Regime
Apr 2 2011
49ersparadise.com presents, on behalf of Hooked On The Niners, a quick look at the 49ers up-coming draft. Hooked On The Niners specialists take a critical look at how the 49ers should approach the number 7 overall position in the draft. Season 7 Show 2: 49ers Paradise Podcast - HOTN: The New Regime
March 26 2011
49ersParadise.com presents, on behalf of Hooked On The Niners, a quick look at the new 49ers regime. With a new set of coaches and a new general manager the 49ers may finally have the right pieces in place to be a competitive taem once again. This podcast is a quick look at what to expect from the new regime. Season 7 Show 1: 49ersParadise.com presents, on behalf of Hooked On The Niners, "On The Niners"
- Mar 18 2011
49ersParadise.com presents, on behalf of Hooked On The Niners, a quick look at the 49ers in the 2011-2012 season. Insiders from HOTN take a look at the up-coming season and evaluate the overall talent on the team. A quick listen with some very informative information.


Season 5 Show 4: 49ers Shut Out Rams, Prepare For Falcons
- Oct 6 2009
49ers fans had quite an exciting victory to bank on, having shut out the Rams 35-0. It was an interesting game that saw both the offense and the defense evolve and grow. Beyond that, 21 points came from non-offensive units which made the game that much more interesting to watch. A physical match up against the Falcons looms for the coming week, and the 49ers will have to get helmets ot the ball to win this coming match up.

Season 5 Show 3: 49ers Start 2-0
- Sept 22 2009
The 49ers were out to prove that beating the defending NFC West Champions was no fluke. With an epic performance from Frank Gore, who ran for two touchdowns of over 75-yards, and a very strong showing from the defense, the 49ers strangled the Seahawks, and improved to 2-0. With the sole spot at the top of NFC West theirs, the 49ers get ready to face the Vikings, in what will be a very interesting match up. Both teams have strong run games, the 49ers defense likely has an edge, and the Vikings passing offense likely has an edge. This has the makings to be a very good game.

Season 5 Show 2: 49ers Start 1-0
- Sept 14 2009
The 49ers start the season 1-0 with a win over the Cardinals in a very tough and physical game. The team had an interesting experience unable to run the ball but a few good calls, and the ability to dig deep eventually prevailed. The team now will face Seattle for the chance to lead the NFC West. Something to build on.

Season 5 Show 1: An Interview with Glenn Dickey
- Apr 17 2009
This week we have a very special Podcast to help us get ready for the draft. I am very pleased to welcome Glenn Dickey to the show. Glenn is currently covering the 49ers for his website www.glenndickey.com as well as for the Examiner. He has been a great friend to 49ers Paradise over the years, and this latest interview is really worth the listen. All podcasts are available in MP3 format, compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux and available for download either through iTunes (Search 49ers Paradise), on the Podcast Page, or you can listen by clicking the image in the top right hand corner of the main page of 49ers Paradise.


Season 4 Show 9: An Interview with Mitch Juricich
- Nov 25 2008
In our latest podcast, we are pleased to welcome Mitch Juricich a local Bay Area media member, and founder of Hooked On The Niners. You can listen to the show on Windows or Mac by clicking here. Mitch talks about the current state of the 49ers while recounting some great memories. In the process we arrive at a formula to save the team... it does not involve saving cheerleaders (sorry Heroes fans... had to)

Season 4 Show 8: An Interview with former PR Director Jerry Walker
- Nov 20 2008
A rare opportunity to sit down with a man who was behind the scenes of the 49ers from 1981-1993. Fomer 49ers PR Directory, and current Hooked On The Niners correspondant, Jerry Walker shares stories about the Glory Days including what happened with the ball from "The Catch" and Joe Montana's last TD pass as a 49er.

Season 4 Show 7: Nolan Shown The Door
- Oct 24 2008
IndianaJim chimes in with the latest show. Jim details the recent firing of Mike Nolan, and looks at the new front office make up now featuring Jed York. Does the team have a brighter future without Nolan? Can Mike Singletary lead this team back to respectability. All that, and more in this episode!

Season 4 Show 6: Worry Sets In
- Oct 8 2008
Having dropped two consecutive games it seems that worry has once again set in around 49ers land. Has JTO reached his maximum potential? Can Nolan learn to adjust his scheme to the players talents? Can Martz find a way to avoid three and outs? It makes for an interesting dilemma for a team that entered the season influx, and continues to try and patch together a season that could save a number of careers.

Season 4 Show 5: A Win
- Sept 23 2008
It has been a long time since the 49ers won a game that they were supposed to win. They did just that though against the Lions this past week. In this week's show Bryan explores what the team did in order to walk away with a victory. Perhaps more importantly though, Bryan explores they key to being succesful against perhaps the hardest part of the 49ers schedule. The next four games include the: Saints, Giants, Eagles and Patriots. Could the 49ers actually be in the same league as the 'big boys'? We are sure to find out!

Season 4 Show 4: Round Table
- Sept 17 2008
A podcast like you have never heard before. Bryan is joined by IndianaJim and DC9er for a round table. What a fun experience it was recording. Be warned... it's a long (though highly entertaining - if I do say so myself) show. Really, you won't want to miss this one. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! For next show we are taking suggestions for some topics. DC9er has also volunteered to dive deep, and do some research on any statistical analysis topic the site is interested in. Have a listen... and let us know what you think!

Season 4 Show 3: JTO By The Numbers
- Sept 12 2008
Indiana Jim produces a "By The Numbers" podcast authored by DC9er. DC9er will be joining Bryan and IndianaJim in future episodes of the podcast. In this weeks look at the numbers, DC9er breaks down the impact JTO had on the 49ers first loss. An interesting perspective is given to JTO's career thus far, and on exactly what and how he has to perform for the 49ers to succeed. Some very provacative statistics are highlighted you won't want to miss this episode! The show ends with a little tune in honor of JTO's debut "Hometown Hero" by The Babylon Bombs.

Season 4 Show 2: A Preseason Win
- Aug 18 2008
Indiana Jim chimes in with the results from the win over the Packers. The 49ers defense lead the way with heavy pressure from the defensive line all game. Takeo Spikes made his first apperance. Controversy rages on over the 49ers quarterback position. JT O'Sullivan is awarded another start in the 49ers penultimate exhibition match. All that, and more in this can't miss episode.

Season 4 Show 1: Quarterback Controversy
- Aug 12 2008
It's been about half a year since 49ers Paradise's last podcast, but it's not due to lack of trying. The constrains of life have impacted show host Bryan from keeping to his regular schedule. To help keep the 49ers Paradise Podcast show running strong, we introduce an additional host. Indiana Jim is well known to 49ers Paradise and the podcast world. In his inaugaral episode he displays a unique sense of humor while taking a look at the 49ers quarterback controversy. Both Bryan and IndianaJim will chime in throughout the season as 49ers Paradise enters its fourth season of podcasting. Go Niners!


Season 3 Show 10: Nolan/Smith rift explodes
- Dec 14 2007
The 49ers had quite a week. Head Coach Mike Nolan and Quarterback Alex Smith finally peeked in their feud against one another. The team also hired a new COO who will have no say in football operations. An ownership transition was rumored. And yes... the team apparently was preparing to face the Bengals.

Season 3 Show 9: 49ers Sign Tollner, Can Nolan Win Back Team?
- Nov 22 2007
Head coach Mike Nolan is wrestling with try to restore an offense that has been off-track all season. As such the team has signed offensive assistant Ted Tollner who formerly coached quarterbacks and was the offensive coordinator for the club. Team problems run far deeper though, and there are questions as to whether Nolan has lost the locker room. Speculation towards next season has already begun, and there are hints that Nolan will be stripped of power.

Season 3 Show 8: 49ers must find way to win without Smith
- Oct 6 2007
The 49ers look to bouance back after one of their worst games of the Nolan era. In an ironic twist Trent Dilfer will have an opportunity to face his former team on the field due to an Alex Smith injury at quaretrback.

Season 3 Show 7: 49ers vs. Steelers break down, Seahawk Preview
- Sept 30 2007
49ers Paradise is featured in USA Today. The 49ers look to build on a competitive loss to the Steelers in faving NFC Division rivals Seattle Seahawks. Could this weeks match determine the NFC West championship as early as week 4?

Season 3 Show 6: 49ers start 2-0
- Sept 19 2007
The 49ers have started the season 2-0 for the first time since 1998, but the team has been winning ugly. Despite sitting onop of the NFC West, 49ers fans want more as the team prepares to take on the Steelers.

Season 3 Show 5: 49ers Kick Off Season On MNF
- Sept 9 2007
49ers Paradise is ready to rock for the 2007-2008 season. Complete preview of the 49ers roster, and a look at how they stack up against their first opponent the Arizona Cardinals.

Season 3 Show 4: Gearing Up Fo Training Camp
- July 15 2007
49ers Paradise brings you the latest happenings about the 49ers. The beginning of training camp previews, focussing on the WR position. Additionally news about Larry Allen, and the supplemental draft addition of Mark Washington

Season 3 Show 8: Exclusive Interview With Scot McCloughan
- May 22 2007
49ers Paradise brings you an exclusive interview on the state of the 49ers with the team's Director of Player Personnel Scot McCloughan. The interview covers all the basis and then some on the state of the 49ers today.

Season 3 Show 7: Draft and Mini Camp Review
- May 14 2007
A complete review of the 49ers 2007 draft, starting with the selection of Patrick Willis. A review of the team's first minicamp is also included in this weeks show. The 49ers roster is competely revamped and full of a whole new set of talent brought in through free agency and the draft.

Season 3 Show 6: It's Draft Week
- Apr 22 2007
It's perhaps the biggest week of the NFL offseason as the 49ers and the rest of the NFL head into the NFL Draft. I am predicting that the 49ers don't sit still at their number 11 pick, as the team tries to either move up using their 7 other picks in the first four rounds or go for some serious value in the second round by dropping back.

Season 3 Show 5: 49ers extend Gore, head into draft home stretch
- Apr 07 2007
The 49ers have managed to reach an agreement with running back Frank Gore to etend his contract through 2011. Meanwhile, the team is heading into its home stretch for the draft. Todd chimes in with his draft take.

Season 3 Show 4: 49ers make big splashes in free agency
- Mar 14 2007
The 49ers entered free agency in a very big way. The picked up key players to improve their defense and get ready to take steps to the next level. The team also re-signed some of its solid competitors from the past two years.

Season 3 Show 3: 49ers promote Jim Hostler to offensive coordinator
- Mar 01 2007
After an exciting draft combine, the 49ers promoted quarterbacks coach Jim Hostler to Offensive Coordinator. Meanwhile the team is ready for the start of free agency, and contemplating the future of Antonio Bryant with the team.

Season 3 Show 2: 49ers Prepare For Free Agency, Retain Coaches
- Feb 13 2007
This week's show focusses on potential moves the 49ers will make to improve the team via free agency this offseas. Also an interpretation of Norv Turner's almost departure and much more!

Season 3 Show 1: 49ers Finish With A Win
- Jan 31 2007
As the NFL prepares for the Super Bowl the 49ers are in a battle to retain their coaching staff. The Cowboys in particular have taken aim at raiding Nolan's staff.
Season 2 Show 33: 49ers Finish With A Win
- Jan 15 2006
The 49ers finished there season on a winning note, but it was not enough to get them into the playoffs. As the team looks forward to next season, there remains plenty of work to improve in over the offseason. Coaching changes as well as a big free agency and draft period are expected to highlight the team's offseason as it looks to improve.

Season 2 Show 32: 49ers Have 2 Games 2 Go
- Dec 22 2006
With 2 games to go the 49ers remain playoff hopefulls. The team even has a chance to win the NFC West with an 8-8 record. As well information regarding the site, Bill Walsh, and the injury status of the team.

Season 2 Show 31: 49ers lose second in a row
- Dec 6 2006
The 49ers dropped their second in a row with a loss to the Saints. The team also parted ways with veteran safety Tony Parrish. As the team prepres to face the Green Bay Packers it will have to find a way to improve its defensive containment issues, and find some offensive alternativese to Frank Gore.

Season 2 Show 30: 49ers miss 4th in a row
- Nov 30 2006
The 49ers missed their opportunity to win 4 in a row, and secure sole spot for second place in the NFC West. Instead, they lost to the Rams, splitting the series on the season. As they prepare for the Saints this weekend they will find out if they contenders or pretenders.

Season 2 Show 29: Two in a row
- Nov 18 2006
The 49ers managed to string together two vicotories in a row. Back to back wins are from the norm for this team, as it now has a chance to move towards the playoffs. As the team prepares for the Seahawks in this weeks match it has a shot at taking down the first place team in the NFC West. Other notables in this weeks show inlcude: Bill Walsh's fight against cancer, Jerry Rice's retirement as a 49er, and the potential move to Santa Clara.

Season 2 Show 28: Blow away in the Windy City
- Nov 02 2006
The 49ers were down 41-0 at half time, far to steep a hill to climb back against. Turnovers, Turnovers, Turnovers, Penalties and more, this was one of the ugliest games I've ever witness the team play. How can they rebound against the Vikings? Where can Nolan find solutions? All that and more in this weeks show.

Season 2 Show 27: 49ers Lose To Chargers, Interview With Kirk Reynolds
- Oct 16 2006
The 49ers lost to one of the leagues best, the San Diego Chargers, but remained competitive despite a lobsided score. The team has plenty to work on heading into its bye week and seeking more wins in the home stretch of the season. This weeks show also includes an indepth interview with former 49ers PR director Kirk Reynolds.

Season 2 Show 26: 49ers Beat Bay Area Rivals
- Oct 9 2006
The 49ers improve to 2-3 as the beat their Bay Area rivals the Oakland Raiders. Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Walt Harris and Arnaz Battle are stand out performers. An indepth look at the offensive and defensive performance. What can the 49ers do to get to the next level?

Season 2 Show 25: 49ers Drop to 1-2
- Sept 27 2006
The 49ers lost to the Eagles in a wild game. There were plenty of positive take aways though, including the play of quarterback Alex Smith, who played a smart game despite being faced with constant pressure. Vernon Davis suffered an injury that will keep him out 4 weeks, and Frank Gore fumbled on the goal line once again.

Season 2 Show 24: 49ers Lose In Season Opener
- Sept 11 2006
The 49ers lost their season opener to the Cardinals, but looked much improved over last season. Quarterback Alex Smith looked like a completely different player from last season, and running back Frank Gore looked like a legitimate threat at running back. There was still plenty of areas to improve though, particularly on defense and third downs.

Season 2 Show 23: 49ers Lose To Cowboys, Trade Barlow, Cut 7
- Aug 27 2006
The 49ers looked more like what I expect of them this season with the loss to the Cowboys. First round draft pick Vernon Davis caught his first touchdown pass, but the team was unable to perform on third downs and lacked any threat of a pass rush. Earlier in the week Jerry Rice officially retired a 49er, and the team traded Kevan Barlow.

Season 2 Show 22: 49ers win first pre-season game, trade CB Mike Rumph
- Aug 15 2006
The 49ers looked good winning their first pre-season game of 2006. Alex Smith clearly has a better understanding of the team's offense, and has a few new weapons to throw to. The 49ers traded former first round picke Mike Rumph to the Redskins in exchange for a receiver, Taylor Jacobs.

Season 2 Show 21: 49ers Begin Camp With All Rookies In Attendance
- July 29 2006
The 49ers kicked off training camp with all the team's rookies under contract and ready to practise. Lots of news from the first day of camp, including an injury to the injury prone Derrick Hamilton.

Season 2 Show 20: 49ers Stadium Deal, Training Camp Preview Part 2
- July 18 2006
The 49ers launced a rather uninspiring stadium plan. Training camp preview of the RB, RB, OL positions and how they relate to the development of quarterback Alex Smith.

Season 2 Show 19: 49ers Training Camp Preview Part 1
- July 3 2006
The 49ers are getting ready for the start of training camp - which is only 3 weeks away. In this weeks show I preview the 49ers WR and TE depth chart, and discuss how the changes at these positions will impact the play of quarterback Alex Smith.

Season 2 Show 18: 49ers Sign 5 Rookies
- June 23 2006
The 49ers have been pretty busy since the conclusion of the OTA's. The 49ers have signed 5 of their 9 rookies, and lead the NFL for rookie signings. Unfortunately, that's about the only positive thing the 49ers have lead the NFL in over the past few seasons. The team is also busy evaluating the supplemental draft and preparing for Fan Day on the 24th of June.

Season 2 Show 17: Organized Team Activities
- June 12 2006
The 49ers have been working through organized team activities. The team has been very competitive in practice, and some skirmishes have even developed. Thankfully everything was "left on the field" and the team apparenlty has no ill feeligns. Intense competition has already ensued at defensive back and tight end.

Season 2 Show 16: Pre June 1st Cuts
- May 30 2006
A pretty quiet couple of weeks since the end of the 2006 draft. The 49ers sign Moran Norris to help fill the void at fullback left open by the departure of Fred Beasley. Resident draft guru Todd chimes in with his post draft wrap up.

Season 2 Show 15: Post Draft Report, Preview Mini Camp
- May 10 2006
The 49ers completed their first mini camp and the depth chart began taking form. There will be intense competition in the defensive backfield, at linebacker and at receiver. Impressive players included Larry Allen, Cory Smith, Michael Robinson. Vernon Davis had the rookie jitters but seemed to shake them off as the camp progressed. Norv Turner really seems to have an offensive system in mind to compete with the new fast paced defenses taking shape throughout the league. All this and more in this weeks podcast.

Season 2 Show 14: Post Draft Report, Preview Mini Camp
- May 1 2006
The 49ers had a very busy weekend selecting in the 2006 draft. The team is believed to have struck gold with its first round selections of Vernon Davis and Manny Lawson. The rest of the weekend the team went after pure athletes and addressed positions like linebacker, defensive end, defensive back, and receiver. There is plenty of competition throughout the 49ers roster now, and some definate needs have been filled. Mini Camp begins this week, and it will be the first opportunity to look at these players interacting with each other and the rest of the team.

Season 2 Show 13: Final pre-draft show, info on the 49ers Paradise re-design
- April 27 2006
A final pre-draft look at the 49ers, complete with draft guru Todd's opinion. A complete explanation of the 49ers Paradise Re-design, complete with tour of new features. Vernon Davis has stated he will be picked by the Jets. This move could impact the value of the 49ers #6 picks, and could even promote the team to trade down if they are unhappy with the other candidates, or don't want to risk an Eli Manning scenario.

Season 2 Show 12: 49ers Trade For #22 Pick, Sign Front Office Executive
- April 22 2006
Two weeks prior to the 2006 NFL draft, the 49ers traded their 37th and 68th pick to acquired the BRoncos #22 pick in the draft. The move allows the 49ers to try and land to starting calibre players in the first round of the draft. The 49ers also kept busy by adding front office executive Lal Heneghan. Lal is a top negotiator and salary cap guru. The team also signed LB TJ Slaughter and held workouts for a number of players and local players. The 49ers also announced that they have selected a firm to head the design of a future stadium project and the team will be adding an articial turf practice field to its practice facility. Draft guru Todd chimes in with the latest on the 49ers draft.

Season 2 Show 11: 49ers Schedule Released, Team Trades Woods for Davis
- April 14 2006
It's been an exciting week for both the 49ers and 49ers Paradise. The site has had many enhancements including an all time score section added, a book review section added, a 49ers store added, and the return of mobile draft alert signups. Meanwhile the team's 2006 schedule was released, the team traded WR Rashaun Woods to the Chargers for CB Sammy Davis, and the draft is approaching. This weeks show includes a special guest spot from draft guru Todd.

Season 2 Show 10: 49ers Prepare For Draft, Lobby Stadium Issues
- April 6 2006
It was a very quiet week for the 49ers in free agency. With the exception of an April Fools prank, there was not much action surrounding team acquisitions. The team is preparing heavily for the draft. John York, team owner, met with a stadium engineering group, and is lobbying the municipal government to help build the team's new stadium.

Season 2 Show 9: 49ers Sign Terry Jones
- March 31 2006
The 49ers attempted to shore up some of the team's depth at tight end witht he signing of Terry Jones. The former Raven spent some time with the club towards the end of last season and will compete for a depth position on the roster. The 49res are b elieved to be interested in further improving their depth at tight end. Rumors were flying this week about a possible trade with the Green Bay Packers for receiver Javon Walker.

Season 2 Show 8: 49ers Lose Peterson, Sign Allen
- March 24 2006
The 49ers lost Julian Peterson to the Seahawks this week. The free agent linebacker signed a huge contract that the 49ers simply didn't want to match. The 49ers did make a big splash of their own though, signing Pro Bowl offensive lineman Larry Allen. The team hopes Allen can provide Alex Smith with enough protection to grow into his role at QB.

Season 2 Show 7: 49ers Trade Lloyd and Sign Nedney
- March 12 2006
The 49ers had a busy week trading Brandon Lloyd the teams leading receivers to the Washington Redskins for a third round pick this year, and fourth round pick next year. The team also began its search for a replacement for Lloyd. The team also solidified its placekicker position by signing place kicker Joe Nedney to a four year deal.

Season 2 Show 6: 49ers Prepare For Free Agency
- March 2 2006
The 49ers are preparing for free agency whether or not the collective bargaining agreement gets done. The team is expected to be 17.4 million dollars under the cap, but that number could change if there is no new CBA done. As the team prepares for the free agency period it still looking for a high ranking front office position. The team would ideally like to have someone signed before negotiations begin with any players.

Season 2 Show 5: 49ers Find New CB Coach
- Feb 16 2006
The 49ers defensive back coach AJ Christoff took a new position with Stanford as defensive coordinator and defensive back coach. To fill his position the 49ers brought in the extremely experienced Johnnie Lynn. Lynn is a former 49ers DB coach and has played that role for the Ravens, as well as the Giants where he wa also a defensive coordinator. He has strong ties to Mike Nolan through their shared time with the Ravens.

Season 2 Show 4: 49ers Remember Super Bowl Week
- Feb 8 2006
The 49ers sat home and watched the Super Bowl win by the Steelers this weekend - but what I saw was the perfect mentor for Mike Nolan. Bill Cowher is a guy that Nolan has so many similarities too, and would likely make a good role model for the 49ers young coach. I also discuss Joe Montana's lack of attendance at the Super Bowl, and other 49ers issues!

Season 2 Show 3: 49ers Remember Super Bowl Week
- Feb 1 2006
The 49ers had some encouraging words from Bill Walsh as they remember their five Super Bowl victories. The team prepares for a transition on offense, as the NFL gets ready for a cold Super Bowl in Detroit.

Season 2 Show 2: 49ers Prepare For Senior Bowl
- Jan 27 2006
The 49ers coaching staff is at the Senior Bowl this week preparing the team for the game, and evaluting the top of this years draft class. Head Coach Mike Nolan believes this type of thoroughness will allow the team to minimize draft day mistakes particularly in the first round.

Season 2 Show 1: 49ers Sign Norv Turner As Offensive Coordinator
- Jan 18 2006
The 49ers filled thier offensive coordinator position by hiring the former Raiders' head coach, Norv Turner. Turner will have to revamp the 49ers offense, and will be shifting it away from the West Coast Offense that Mike Nolan explained would be the offense the 49ers would run when he was hired last year. All this and more in this weeks podcast.

Season 1 Show 11: 49ers Season Wrap Up 2005-2006
- Jan 11 2006
The 49ers doubled their win total in the last two weeks of the season, and also doubled their wins from the previous season. Of course, 4-12 is nothing to brag about. Nevertheless progress was made, and ins this weeks show, the 49ers team is reviewed and the off-season is previewed.

Season 1 Show 10: 49ers Play Jags Tough, Smith No Fumbles
- Dec 21 2005
The 49ers rebounded from the slaughtering the Seahawks dealt them last weekend with a pretty decent game - all things considered of course. Alex Smith only had one interception and did not fumble the ball in this 10-9 loss. Meanwhile runningback Frank Gore had a really solid game, which of course begs the question, why is Kevan Barlow starting? All this and more in this weeks Podcast show, including a look at the rumor that Tom Rathman may be returning to the 49ers.

Season 1 Show 9: 49ers Slaughtered by Seahawks, Smith Has Fumbletitis
- Dec 16 2005
Alex Smith fumbled the ball three times this past week against the Seahawks. this could turn into a major problem if the 49ers remain slow to correct the errors. 49ers face the Jaguars this weekend as the team hopes to move past more injuries, and more controversy - particularly at cornerback, running back and fullback.

Season 1 Show 8: Alex Smith Starts, 49er Lose To Cardinals
- Dec 6 2005
In losing to the Cardinals 17-10 this past week, the 49ers virtually assured themselves the bottom spot in the NFC West. Alex Smith started and showed some flashes of future potnential. There is no doubt he still has a ways to go. A young offensive line was on display, and the 49ers cornerbacks were used and abused. Head coach Mike Nolan made yet another rookie coacing mistake.

Season 1 Show 7: 49ers Blown Away By Titans
- Nov 30 2005
The 49ers lost to another miserable team - the Titans this past week. In the process the team took a step closer to 'winning' the first pick in the NFL Draft this off-season. The team barely showed up to play this week, and the offensive line was absolutely dismal.

Season 1 Show 6: 49ers Play Respectable Game In Loss To Seahawks
- Nov 22 2005
The 49ers played a respectable game against the Seahawks despite losing. The coaches in particular called a much better game, and the play from the offensive line and quarterback position improved. Bryant Young suffered an injury that may keep him out for the rest of the season. Steve Young had a Hall of Fame ring ceremony at halftime which was absolutely electric. The 49ers prepare to face the Titans next.

Season 1 Show 5: 49ers struggle with wind in loss to Bears
- Nov 15 2005
The wind caused havoc in the 49ers loss to the Bears. Kicker Joe Nedney's long field goal was missed and returned for a touchdown at the end of the first half. Was kicking the field goal the right decision or wrong? Cody Pickett had a miserable performance with a passer rating of less than 2. Should Pickett remain the starter for the 49ers? All this and more covered in this edition of the 49ers Paradise Podcast.

Season 1 Show 4: 49ers lose to Giants Prepare for Bears
- Nov 12 2005
Cody Pickett lost his first start of the season, but will start his second consecutive game for the 49ers at quarterback versus the Bears. The two consecutive starts gives the 49ers a very small bit of consistency out of a position that has been all over the map this season.

Season 1 Show 3: 49ers beat 'Bucs, lose QB
- Nov 1 2005
The 49ers managed to beat the division leading Tampa Bay 'Bucs, but in the process lost quarterback Ken Dorsey to a leg injury. Cody Pickett picked up the slack, and helped the team to victory. Joe Nedney and Bryant Young have outstanding performances. The team prepares for the Giants and starting former fourth string QB Cody Pickett.

Season 1 Show 2: 49ers Paradise's 2nd Podcast
- Oct 26 2005
This week's podcast takes an indepth look at the game against the 'Skins, including commentary on Alex Smith, Jeremy Newberry, Frank Gore, Steve Young, Jerry Rice and more!

Season 1 Show 1: 49ers Paradise's First Podcast
- Oct 18 2005
Detailign the implementation of podcasts on 49ers Paradise. Featuring analysis on the upcoming 49ers vs Redskins game, as well as an indepth look at Mike Nolan's transition to the 49ers so far this season.

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