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2008 49ers Paradise Draft Field

Welcome to the 49ers Paradise Draft Field.  Your one stop location for NFL Draft 2008 News!  This page will be constantly updated and will include real-time updates on draft day.  Be sure to follow the draft directly from 49ers Paradise.

2008 PICKS
129 (29)From Indianapolis - Kentwan Balmer, DT, North Carolina
28 (39)Chilo Rachal, OG, Southern Cal
312 (75)From Chicago - Reggie Smith, DB, Oklahoma
48 (107)Cody Wallace, OL, Texas A&M
68 (174)Josh Morgan, WR, Virginia Tech
77 (214)Larry Grant, OLB, Ohio State
Trade Information (Draft Pick Value Chart):

2008 49ers Draft Picks Profiles
49ers Paradise Exclusive Draft Coverage


Round 1, Pick 29
Kentwan Balmer, 6'5", 298lbs , DT, North Carolina
The 49ers wanted to make sure that their day 1 pick would have an opportunity to contribute on the field in their rookie season. In drafting Balmer the 49ers have someone who can do that. Balmer has the versatility to play every spot on the line in both the 3-4 and 4-3. That gives the 49ers great versatility and helps to fill the void left on the line by Bryant Young. Balmer will likely play more at end in his initial spot with the 49er until he learns to manage leverage a bit better and stay down through his pass rush or run block. The 49ers are still searching for a true pass rusher, and Balmer is not quite that type of player.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 2, Pick 39
Chilo Rachal, 6'5", 315lbs, OG, Souther Cal
The 49ers knew their offensive line had to be a priority this draft, and hence selected Chilo Rachal projected at guard for the team. Rachal will compete for a start position but is more likely to play off the bench in his first year. The offensive line continues to evolve for the team with David Bass recovering from surgery, and Larry Allen debating whether or not to retire. Rachal has some versatility but may be a little raw coming out of college. His mother is suffering from stomach cancer and does not have insurance coverage, which prompted Rachal to leave college early. This pick seemed a bit early for the 49ers, who could have traded back and likely still picked Rachal or received similar value.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 3, Pick 75
Reggie Smith, 6'1", 199lbs, DB, Oklahoma
The 49ers selected Reggie Smith in the third round. Sticking with a trend of the McNolan era, Smith is a versatile player. HE can play both corner and safety, but will be initially slotted in at the corner position. His size and strength matches up well for the NFC West which the 49ers felt were important. They believe he plays faster than his 40 time, and that with the injuries to the back up corner positions, and an aging Walt Harris, Smith brings some much needed youth and hopefully health to the depth chart.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 4, Pick 107
Cody Wallace, 6'4", 296lbs, OL, Texas A&M
Some say Cody Wallace was the best rated centre in the draft, and to find him available in the fourth round was a great thing for the 49ers. You can never have too many players capable of playing centre, and Wallace's versatility probably means he will compete first at guard. Wallace is the second offensive lineman the 49ers drafted. His chance of cracking the starting line up is not as great, but he certainly will be providing depth in the rotation and allow the team to plan for the future.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Round 6, Pick 174
Josh Morgan, 6'0", 219lbs, WR, Virginia Tech
The 49ers believe they are set at WR for this coming year. That being said, despite all the positive talk about Jason Hill, the team did not want to ignore the receiver position in this years draft. In selecting Josh Morgan the 49ers have a player with a ton of potential who needs to buckle down, and become a heavy worker. Lots of emphasis will be placed on Morgan improving his hands as well as improving his routes becaues he has all the athletic ability he'll need to compete at this level.

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Round 7, Pick 235
Larry Grant, 6'1", 235lbs, OLB, Ohio State
The 49ers are trying to fill out their line backing core to supplement the 3-4 defense that the team runs. The team also has to make up for the loss of Derek Smith who will not be returning. In Larry Grant the 49ers receive a player with good special teams skills, great versatility (he's able to play all linebacker positions), and who comes from a very strong defense. Grant is an interesting pick because many view him as underated. He represents good vale in the seventh round.

How He Will Fit In SF [Exclusive]
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Undrafted FA
TE John Finley (Oklahoma)
WR Cameron Colvin (Oregon)
LB Ezra Butler (University of Nevada)
WR Robert Jordan(University of California)
LB Gary Guyton (Georgia Tech)
DL Louis Holmes (Arizona)
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