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Can The 49ers Be A Super Bowl Player If They Qualify?
Got a strong opinion on more than one team to win the Super Bowl at BetUS this season? Then stop wasting time and hedge your Superbowl bets in the sportsbook by getting down on more than one team! The 2011 Super Bowl is just around the corner! It’s time to get that mouse working and get into Super Bow betting action!

It’s fairly obvious that not many predictions – either by experts, pundits, fans or the NFL Super Bowl picks provided by BetUs – see the San Francisco 49ers going very far in the NFL postseason.

As a matter of fact, not many picks even see them making the playoffs.

But when you look at the NFC over the last decade, the playoffs have been as parity-filled as can be. Some teams looked dead in the water coming into the playoffs, got hot and surprised everyone.

The example that comes to mind is the Arizona Cardinals, who looked about as listless as the 49ers have at times this season, but barely made the playoffs in late December, then surprised everyone with a run to Super Bowl XLIII.

So what’s to say the 49ers can’t do the same?

It sounds like a long shot but that’s what the NFL is all about: giving the little guy a chance. Say what you want about the 49ers offense and how much of a punch it lacks, the defense has still been steady. When you combine that with the resurgence of Brian Westbrook and the emergence of Anthony Dixon, the 49ers just might have the ingredients to make a surprising run.

Does it sound a bit crazy? Of course. Unless the 49ers can win this week this entire conversation will be moot. But the way that the 49ers need to make the playoffs is by winning all of their remaining games and if they can do that, get on a bit of a run to enter the playoffs, you just never know what might happen.

If Mike Singletary wants to save his job, he may have to prove that this type of a run is not only a possibility, but a serious reality.

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