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Ronnie Lott - Young_Tone

The 8th Overall pick of the 1981 draft, made an impact in the NFL that receivers, running backs, and even quarterbacks would feel for the next 14 years. His name was Ronnie Lott. Lott was the heart and soul of the 49er defenses in the 1980's and early 1990’s and opposing receivers took notice. Lott represented Bill Walsh's philosophy, and that was beat your man to the punch. That is exactly what Ronnie did at corner and then at safety. A true warrior on the field, his play squashed anybody accusing the 49ers for being a "soft" or "finesse" team out west. He punished his opponents and charged at them like when a bull has seen red. Not only a hard hitter, but also a great coverage defensive back, who finished his career with 63 interceptions. One of the greatest 49ers of all time, he is also known as arguably one of the greatest safeties ever to play the game of football.

Amputating the tip of his left pinky to continue playing football that season, shows what type of player and person he was. His love for the game and his hatred of losing, is what made this 10 time pro bowler. The guy was a pure winner. He helped his USC Trojans win the National Championship in 1978 before coming to San Francisco and help turn that helpless 49er defense to a powerhouse that won 4 Lombardi Trophies. He demanded respect from opposing teams, and if receivers ran routes in the middle of the field, well that was considered disrespectful to Lott. He represents what an athlete should be. A hard worker, not being a quitter, and team comes first mentality, is what is missing in some athletes today.

49er Faithful’s, who seen his entire career can say he amazed them. He intimidated other teams on the field and provided "WOOO-HITS" for the fans watching every week. Surely a "one of a kind" type player, the 49ers were truly blessed he was available 8th overall. Lott, a four time Super Bowl champion, was a force to be reckoned with. Ask former Bengal running back Ickey Woods. Lott hated the “Ickey Shuffle”.

12 year after his retirement, he is still an 49er icon and a known figure amongst the youth. The throwback jersey era of today has kids wearing number 42 at the games more than any current jerseys. His impact on the game of football is recognized and it always will be. The first-ballot Hall Of Famer, was co-hosting the 49ers “Point After” show until last year. Last year was the first year Lott hasn't been on the show and the show hasn't been the same since. His comments, football insight, and his love for the 49ers, has always helped us fans after a heartbreaking loss or a blowout victory. A great person to meet and was an exciting player to watch. On behalf of the entire 49er Faithful: THANK YOU RONNIE!
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