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Bill Walsh - young_tone

With this being July already, it has been 1 year that the sports world has lost a legend. I decided to write one for the Legend of Bill Walsh.

It has been years since seeing coach Walsh on the sideline of a 49er game with the headset on and calling plays. But after the years has past, his influence and impact on the game is still heavily felt. This is the legend of Coach Bill Walsh.

The amatuer boxer who turned to coaching, began his pro career with the Oakland Raiders in 1966, after a brief stint at Cal and Stanford. The Raiders is where Walsh learned Sid Gillman's vertical passing offense. Walsh would later take what he learned from Oakland and modify it is own way. Going to the expansion Bengals in 1968, Walsh served under Paul Brown and help build that offense. After 7 years, Brown had skipped Walsh to become the new Head Coach to give the job to Bill Johnson. Walsh left to do a stint with the San Diego Chargers before becoming an head coach for the Stanford Cardinal. He coached there for two years, taking both teams each year to bowl bids. Then his phone rang.

The 49ers hired Walsh to become the head coach. Walsh went 2-14 his first year but quickly turned the franchise around with the 1979 draft (Montana and Clark) and the 1981 draft (Lott, Wright, Williamson). Beating the Cowboys and their Doomsday Defense, 49ers went on to beat the Bengals (Ironic he played the Bengals in his first and last Super Bowl) to win their first Super Bowl/Championship in franchise history. After the magical season of 81, the 49er franchise has never been the same. It was in San Francisco where Walsh gathered what he learned from Gillman and Brown and perfected it. Walsh revolutionized football and it was his offense that just picked defenses apart. The offense Walsh created was then known as the West Coast Offense and still widely used today.

Drafted the greatest QB of all time in Montana, argueably the greatest DB of all time in Lott, and perhaps the greatest football player of all time in Jerry Rice. Walsh knew how to draft talent. But never seen it more than in the 1986 draft where the 49ers selected Tom Rathman, Charles Haley, John Taylor, Tim McKyer, Steve Wallace, Don Griffin, and more. Walsh had misses in his career but he has had major draft hits as well.

3 time Super Bowl Champion and an innovator in the game, Walsh was destined to the Hall of Fame. But not only his work was great, but the man was a great person. He helped out alot of minority coaches to become head coaches in the NFL and NCAA. A person who was there for his players, even after football and a person who would take the time to talk to fans in public. Walsh was one of a kind and a true leader. Bill even spawned his own coaching tree with guys like Holmgren, Sam Wyche, Seifert, Dennis Green, and many more under him. The Legend of Bill Walsh lives on. We love you Bill!
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