Joe Montana's Number Retirement Ceremony




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The night Joe had his number retired was truly a memorable night.  This page is a tribute to Joe and to thank him for his play.  For more info on Joe, you can check his biography.

Below are some quotes about Joe Montana. 

``Joe Montana was the greatest quarterback I have ever seen. He did everything that everybody else tried to do and made it look easy. In my 20 years of broadcasting, he was the most dominating player I have ever seen.'' -- Fox network analyst John Madden

``The greatest quarterback of the modern era.'' -- Paul Zimmerman, Sports Illustrated

``The accomplishments of Joe Montana are a great part of NFL history. When people think of Joe Montana, they think of leadership, of fourth- quarter comebacks and Super Bowl victories. He will always represent the excellence of the NFL.'' -- Paul Tagliabue, NFL Commissioner

``I've been doing Monday night football for 27 years, and one of the greatest games we ever had was on Oct. 17, 1994 -- Denver and Kansas City. Joe was 34 for 54 for 393 yards and three touchdowns. And in the final drive he ate up the clock, and with eight seconds remaining hit Willie Davis with the winning touchdown pass which left Elway with no room to come back. It was a flashback for me because it was clear he was running out of gas, but he had this one more performance for us. I've done well over 400 Monday nights but only a few stick out and that certainly was one. . . . He was brilliant and it was fun to watch. I've always admired the way he handled his life and himself.'' -- Frank Gifford, ABC Monday Night Football analyst

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"Joe Montana was arguably the greates QB of all time,   His ability to find the fifth man, combined with his speed, mobility and evasevness made him the player he was"--Bryan site autour.

This page was a small tribute to Joe.  In the background there is the song, "Simply the Best".  This was the song that was played during the retirement ceremony, and I feel it is extremely appropriate.