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Steve Young Has Not Forgotten About His Team
July 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Earlier this off-season 49ers Paradise was among the first sites to report that former 49ers quarterback Steve Young would be helping out former NFC West Rival, the Atlanta Falcons, by tutoring Michael Vick. The information was somewhat unsettling to fans that simply couldn’t grasp why if Young wanted to help coach that he wouldn’t come back to his old team, the 49ers to do so.

It turns out that Steve Young was requested to help out Mike Vick by Atlanta Coach, Dan Reeves, following a compliment Young stated about Vick after the Super Bowl. Reeves saw the quote as an opportunity, and invited Young to camp. While Young was unsure as to whether he would be able to make it to Atlanta, given a very tight schedule that includes lots of charity work, he kept Vick in mind. When Young found out he would be in Atlanta this coming weekend, he and Reeves made arrangements for Young to meet with Vick.

Steve Young is expected to spend some time with Michael Vick, speaking mainly on adjustments he had to make between becoming a NFL Quarterback, and simply someone out there to just make plays. And really, while I like to keep 49ers wisdom within the organization, I can fully understand where he’s coming from.

Young is not ignoring the 49ers though; in fact he’s doing the exact opposite. Young has been meeting with 49ers rookie draft pick, Brandon Doman continually since he was drafted by the 49ers this off-season. Young has been working with Doman on the intricacies of the West Coast Offense, and the changes he will have to make to be successful in the NFL.

Truth of the matter is, with so many young quarterbacks failing to make the progression into the NFL (mainly due to a lack of time to learn on the bench), the NFL needs more players like Young to help out its youth. It’s great to see Young spending time with Doman (and a fair bit of it, as they both live in San Francisco) and helping his former team out in this manner; it certainly makes his helping out Vick much more bearable.

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