Which Team has the best WRs?

It is one of the biggest questions around the NFL this year. Which team Minnesota with Jake Reed, Chris Carter, and Randy Moss or the 49ers with Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and JJ Stokes has the best set of wide receivers in the game. Well this question can be looked at in a few ways. Statistically, Chris Carter has 24 receptions for 305yds a 12.7 avg with his longest being 35t and 4 TDs. Randy Moss has 22 receptions for 463 yards a 21.0 avg with his longest being 52t and 6 TDs. Jake Reed has 13 receptions for 171 yards a 13.2 avg longest for 56t and 1TD. Giving the Vikings receivers a total of : 59 receptions for 939 yards an average of 16 there longest being 56 with a TD and a total of 11 TDs. Meanwhile Rice has 21 receptions for 384 yards an avg of 18.3 his longest being 66t and 3TDs. Stokes has 18 receptions for 246 yards and avg of13.7 his longest being 31t and 4 TDs. Terrell Owens has 13 receptions for 228 yards an avg of 17.5 with his longest for 27 and 1 TD. Giving the 9ers receivers a total of 52 receptions for 858 yards and average of 16.5 there longest for 66 yards with a TD and a total of 8 TDs.

However statistics don’t say everything, and the results are pretty close regardless; even with the 49ers having played one less game then the Vikings. There are too many variables. For example one team could be spreading the ball around more. The receiver have faced different teams, varying in the amount of skill. Then who really is the better group or receivers. The answer is very simply the 49ers receivers. Not only because they are my favourite team, but because Jerry Rice is the best receiver to ever play football, and it doesn’t stop there. JJ Stokes and Terrell Owens have had the opportunity to learn from the best. Last season Stokes and Owens showed the NFL that they are quite the threat in Rice’s absence. This year they are just keeping it rolling.

This however is not to take anything away from Minnesota’s receivers they are all excellent and have proven so, throughout the season. However, it takes to receiver to even compare to Rice, not statistically, but on field presence. This is evident when a team triple covers Rice. Naturally this compliments Stokes and Owens well as one of them will usually have single coverage. Nothing Minnesota can do can even come close to this defensive coordinator’s hell. Still the question remains in some peoples head, hopefully no longer in yours. Rice, Stokes and Owens are the most dynamic set or receivers in the league. Hopefully they will massacre the Packers deffense better then Reed, Carter and Moss did.

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