That's A Wrap- 09/03/99
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Well after a very frustrating final game, the pre-season has come to a close. Heading into the season the 49ers have almost as many unanswered questions as they did at the end of last season. After a brutal debut, Garcia has shown the 49ers that he may still have to improve before he becomes the successor to Young. There is still no word on Stenstrom or Drukenmiller either. Meanwhile, we are yet to see Haley, or Bryant Young in action, and how well their injuries will hold up could make or break the 49ers season.

The 49ers still have no true running back. It looks as though Garner will start at the beginning of the season, but it will take a huge effort from all the backs, especially Tommy Vardell to make up for the loss of Garrison Hearst, who at the earliest will be back in December.

The 49ers are still having trouble in the corner back position, where they were continually burned by the Denver offence last game. If the 49ers intend on making it somewhere this year they better pick up their game. From what has been witnessed this pre-season, many are left to believe that this team is sputtering and sloppy.

The 49ers have a great amount of talent on their team. They have quite possibly the best passing offence in the league. However there is a ton that has to be done, and as fans we better hope that the first team can stay healthy. The key to this season is that simple, remain healthy.

Editors Note- With the season now upon us I vow to post the earliest previews and outcomes of every 49ers fans sites and most 49ers commercial sites on the web, of every single 49ers game. That is why starting this Wednesday the Clash of the Week section will be up and running. Furthermore I fully intend to make this site the best 49ers place to be heading into the new century and the year 2000. Current News will be updated as well, however it will be a way different area starting Wednesday. Meanwhile you can still expect the original columns like this one to be posted in the news archive.
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