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December 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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With so many injuries on the 49ers roster, and Jimmy Williams apparently heading towards the injured reserve, the 49ers worked out three different players early this week.

The most intriguing players of the bunch was former Dallas Cowboys cornerback Duane Hawthorne, a four year veteran who was released one day prior to the 49ers game this past weekend. Hawthorne has started five games this season, and was an undrafted free agent. Given the 49ers injuries in their defensive backfield, Hawthorne is a good possibility to be added to the 49ers roster.

Kick Returner Willis Marshall who spent time in the CFL and Arena Football League is not a likely candidate to be adding to the roster given that the team has Jamal Robertson and Cederick Wilson handling the duties vacated by Jimmy Williams.

Receiver Jeremy McDaniel who was with the 49ers and Bills earlier this season was also brought in for a workout. Given the 49ers depth at receiver, and having James Jordan on the practice squad, McDaniel is not a likely candidate for the team.

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