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Willie Jackson Not A 49er, Terry Still Unsigned
July 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Free agent receiver, Willie Jackson, who has flirted with the idea of joining the 49ers this off-season has agreed to terms with the Atlanta Falcons. Jackson’s three year deal was a number that the 49ers wouldn’t have wanted to match. Moreover, Jackson will be given a starting spot right from the get go, where as with the 49ers he would have had to earn such a spot.

Meanwhile, Willie’s younger brother Terry, a running back for the 49ers has not reportedly signed his contract tender. This obviously leaves room for speculation that Terry’s roster spot is not secure, or that he may be having hesitations. The good news is that Terry is expected to report to training camp with the rest of the team (though that of course is subject to change).

The 49ers should now focus their energies on getting some outstanding contract tenders signed, and on signing all of their draft picks. They have plenty of money to do so at this point, and with only a week and a half to go before the start of training camp, they are running out of days. Of course it would be nice if they could extend some contracts expiring at the end of this season, in the same manner that they did with Zack Bronson earlier this off-season.

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