The Winning Way --11/30/01
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It is almost as good to be a fan of a winning team as it is to be on a winning team. Players on a winning team marvel at their own abilities enjoy the feeling of success and seem to be on a permanent adrenaline rush. Not a bad way to live at all. Itís funny though that fans act in exact opposite manner. Fans of a winning team tend to complain more about the team. They Ďnitpickí, start rumors and look for anything to take away from the glory of their team - and seem to enjoy it too.

The odd thing is that this phenomenon until recently evaded 49ers fans. Fans used to be very happy sitting back and watching the team rack up ten win season after ten win season. This season though, things seem to be different for the 49ers and their fans. The team once again winning, and is under the heat of the fans and media to play even better.

Aside from the fans complaining, and they may be rightful in doing so, that the team isnít producing sacks, or that they are giving up too many yards, the most recent rumor is far worse. Somewhere, someplace, someone, started a rumor that Terry Donahue wanted to take over Steve Mariucciís job. This despite the numerous times Donahue has turned down coaching jobs and stated that he has no interest in coaching. Itís rumors like these that are detrimental to the team.

As fans of a winning team, itís one thing to analyze the play of a team. One thing to comment on production. However when fans and the media start rumors about the team, it just doesnít make sense. It distracts the players, it distracts the coaches, and suddenly the wins donít come so easy.

With the latest rumors being discharged by the 49ers, the fans and the media need to stop distracting the 49ers. Rumors like the one about Donahue and Mariucci are unnecessary and have no place out there when the team is losing, let alone when the team has the best record in the NFL. And so I suggest to all of you, stop the rumors and think about what you hear before repeating it. The 49ers donít need any more distractions than they already have as a young team. Let them put all their energies into winning instead of having to brush aside rumors and we as fans may even get rewarded for our good behavior with a few more wins.

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