Winning Season--12/07/01
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Itís amazing that itís gone unnoticed since the 49ers defeated the Bills. With all of the talk being focused on this weekís game against the Rams, nobody paused to notice that the 49ers have officially secured a winning record. At 9-2 the team in worst-case scenario would finish 9-7. Thatís a pretty amazing feat for a team just two years removed from a 4-12 record.

Perhaps the reason nobody noticed that the 49ers have guaranteed themselves winning is two fold. The first being after the team secured its 8-2 record; there was little doubt that the 49ers were back. The other reason could be that NFL fans, 49ers fans especially, feel that the 49ers should have a winning record every season.

In either case, the 49ers at 9-2 have done something very few people could have imagined two years ago. And this week, the 49ers have the opportunity to take hold of the NFC West and should the 49ers win the NFC West, they could be in position for possible home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Ah the playoffs, isnít it nice to be talking about those again? While there is no doubt this team has the right to be talking playoffs, there is little more they can talk about before they beat the Rams. Similarly to in the past the 49ers have that one opponent they just canít seem to beat. This time itís not the Cowboys, itís not the Packers, rather itís the Rams who have beaten the 49ers five consecutive times.

Itís amazing how the NFL works in cycles in that way, and on the same note itís encouraging that in each time in the past the 49ers found a way to beat that one nemesis that was giving them such a hard time. This weekís game is not just another football game - itís the regular season Super Bowl. It is sure to be one of the most exciting of the season, and with a win the 49ers will be sitting alone atop the NFC West.

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