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Winborn NFC Defensive POW
September 12 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers linebacker Jamie Winborn has had quite an amazing opening to the 2002-3 season. He opened the season with his fifth start of his career. Winborn had an incredible outing in his first start, leading the team with an amazing 16 tackles. It was the most tackles by a single 49er since 1998.

Winborn’s performance did not go unnoticed. The NFL named him the NFC’s Defensive Player Of The Week. The award, is the young linebackers first. But if he continues to play at same high level, it won’t be his last.

Winborn will start again this week, in place of the injured Jeff Ulbrich. Ulbrich has been out since the pre-season with a knee injury. He is expected to return shortly. Whether or not Ulbrich has a starting spot when he returns has not been determined. No 49ers coach has declared the starting spot his, and no coach has taken it away from him. Winborn’s play in the coming weeks will determine

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