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Jamie Winborn A-OK
June 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Much to the delight of the 49ers organization and the teams’ fans, Jamie Winborn was back on the practice field this week. The team revealed very little about Winborn’s injury, other than that it occurred in the weight room, and that it was to his knee. There were some that jumped to the conclusion, that Winborn’s injury was actually what prompted the drafting of Saleem Rasheed. That apparently, is not the case though.

With Winborn back on the field, it appears that the 49ers wanted to bring him back from the injury slowly. A typical practice for the team, particularly with injuries that occur so early in the off-season is to give them time to heel. This method helps to prevent re-occurrence of the injury.

Winborn looked good in practice, playing as he normally does. The 49ers believe Winborn will be a very big contributor this season, playing either in a starting capacity or as a key member off the bench. Winborn is an athletic linebacker who can eliminate a strong running back from offenses game plans. He has great range on the field, and very good football instincts.

The team believes it has four starting caliber linebackers, and hopes that they may have a fifth in Rasheed. This unit is one of the deepest the team features, and is likely to figure in as a big factor this coming season. Winborn’s health confirms that the team will have the versatility and depth at the position.

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