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LB Situation Improving
September 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers were terrified to find out that they may be losing two of their starting linebackers. After a few medical exams however, the team was able to relax a little bit. Although Julian Peterson and Jamie Winborn are banged up early medical reports show that their injuries are less severe that originally believed to be.

Julian Peterson is sore. However tests on his knees and hip came back negative, and while he may need some real time to recuperate, he isn’t about to miss any significant playtime.

Jamie Winborn’s situation is not quite as fortunate. Winborn will miss three to five weeks after an arthroscopic exam showed that while he doesn’t need surgery, two ligaments in his knee need some time to heal.

As the 49ers begin to implement their contingency plans, they re-signed linebacker Brandon Moore to their squad. Moore was with the 49ers this off-season, and did a nice job with the team. He was released though, and claimed on to the Patriots practice squad, which was where the 49ers ‘snagged’ him from.

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