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Winborn Misses Practice
June 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
It was just revealed that second year linebacker Jamie Winborn has been out of practice with the team with a knee injury that hes had for most of spring. Winborn is coming off a tremendous season, that finished with him looking like he would be included in this years starting defensive lineup. Winborn is the type of linebacker the team needs to handle running backs like Marshall Faulk; hes explosive in all directions and a sure tackler, essentially a player that the 49ers need to have available to them this season.

Although the severity of the injury was not disclosed, it certainly has fans worried. Winborn injured his knee while working out this off-season in the weight room. Such injuries are usually related to having too much stress on the area and can range in severity. Winborn is currently rehabilitating the injury.

The setback for Winborn is truly unfortunate. He was really beginning to become a very good NFL player at the end of the season. The team and he hope that the injury will subside by the time training camp roles around. Otherwise, the team may be expressing a little more interest in free agent linebackers this off-season.

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