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Winborn looking good
September 08 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Filling in for linebacker Jeff Ulbrich, Jamie Winborn finally got his chance to show the 49ers what heís capable of, as a starting player on the team. His 16 tackle performance included a sack and a tipped ball in coverage that lead to a Julian Peterson interception. If Winborn can consistently repeat a performance anywhere near how he played on Thursday, it will be very hard for Jeff Ulbrich to get back into the line up once heís healthy.

Winborn demands excellence of himself. So while he was happy with his 16 tackle performance Winborn couldnít help but think about the one that got away. Winborn was about a foot away from making a tackle that would have stopped the lone Giantís touchdown. Diving at the Giant running back, the play was tough to make, but certainly not impossible.

With excellent speed, Winborn can play side line to side line and is very effective on the blitz. He wreaked havoc all game by adding pressure to the quarterback, and by tackling running backs in the backfield.

Itís been a long time since the 49ers have had a performance like this from any of its linebackers. If Winborn can play near the level he did in this game consistently, Jeff Ulbrich will have a very hard time re-gaining a starting spot when his knee heals. The 49ers have always said they have four starting linebackers on their team, and with Winbornís latest performance we can see that they were right.

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