Why the 49ers Keep Winning

It all started way back when. The 49ers had just decided to bring Bill Walsh in to reconstruct the dismal 49ers. Walsh obliged. He made an about-face turn with the team. Taking them from disaster to near perfection in only a few years. This however was all due to a few policies. For one, 49ers pride had to start at the front office and work its way down. Two, beat the opponents to the punch. Lastly, anything short of a Super Bowl is failure. Of course philosophies are great, but only if they can be applied. The application of these philosophies began with the revolutionary West Coast Offense, created by "The Genius", Bill Walsh. His offense was so remarkable it took years for the defensive coordinators to catch up. Still the defense was remarkable because it played against a high quality offense in practice. The next step was to find players to make up the team. Any player that was thought could help, was signed, adding depth to all positions. This was key when free agency and the salary cap were put in place. Most teams were scrambling to find players to replace the ones they lost, and could not figure out the loop holes of the salary cap. However when the 49ers lost a player, they already had one in the system to step up, this gave the front office time to find ways around the cap, and is the reason they have been able to continue to acquire great players through free agency. Depth at every position is the backbone of the 49ers. This is why drafting effectively is a key to their success. The final key to the 49ers is to have players on the team that don't just want to play, they want to win. Only a few are needed, and through the years, the flaming torch has been passed on from great to great. Joe Montana, Brent Jones, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Dwight Clark, Gary Plummer, Steve Young, Terrell Owens, Bryan Young, this 49ers Pride is what keeps the 49ers fighting in every situation.

49ers History

The 49ers were founded in in 1946 by Anthony J Morabito. He was a partner in a SF lumber firm. The 49ers were first established as part of the All-American Football Conference. The original emblem featured a booted prospector in a lumberjack's shirt and checkered pants. His hat was blown off and hair messed. He had two 6 shooters in hand and they appeared to be shooting. The 49ers joined the NFL in 1950 and Eddie Debartlo Jr. took over in 1977. The 49ers arrived at their name because of a gold rush on the west coast in 1849. Panners were given the name "49ers". That's just a little history behind the 49ers.