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Shifting The OL
September 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In all likelihood when the 49ers play the Broncos this weekend they will be without their primary backup along the offensive line - Matt Willig. Willig underwent an arthroscopic procedure after the 49ers first game to clear some fluid from an infection he has in his leg. He is doubtful for the 49ers second game, this Sunday.

With Willig virtually out for the game, the 49ers have no immediate back up at offensive tackle. What that means, is that if either of the 49ers tackles, Scott Gragg or Derrick Deese, have to leave the 49ers game, the 49ers will juggle their line to accommodate for the loss.

Dave Fiore the 49ers current left guard would move into either tackle position, with rookie guard Eric Heitmann stepping into the guard position. Fiore, of course, had played all the spots along the line, so while this would be inconvenient, it is really the 49ers best option.

The 49ers will like have rookie Kyle Kosier active for the game too. The 49ers have known all off-season that they have a solid starting line, but little depth along that line. The team is rumored to be interested in trading for the Buccaneers Kenyatta Walker, which would help their depth. In the mean time though, the 49esr will just have to make do with what they have, which with Matt Willig out, could be troublesome. Hopefully the 49ers won’t be in a position where they need to reach on to their depth chart.

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