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Not Giving Up On Willie
May 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
After the 49ers and JJ Stokes came to an agreement on a new contract, both sides expressed their undying loyalty to each other. It was actually pretty funny to listen to considering only days before was their talk about Stokes being released, and the signing of free agent Willie Jackson. Itís been about three weeks since those rumors were flying around, and for some reason, the 49ers canít extinguish the flames about Jackson coming to the 49ers.

Perhaps itís because Jackson calls the team twice a week looking for a job. Or perhaps is because his brother Terry is already a member of the team. Of course it could also be that the 49ers havenít fully ruled out the signing of Jackson. 49ers Paradise has learned that just last week Jackson paid the 49ers another visit. Clearly thereís interest.

Iíve always offered my support to Stokes, and I continue to believe that he can be a productive receiver at this level. But Iím also not blind. I realize that it would make a whole lot of sense to bring in Jackson and let the two flat out battle it out for the second receiver slot. Heck Tai Streets should be given as fair a shot as these guys.

The 49ers have the money lying around to bring in Jackson, who even as the teams third receiver would be a big improvement to the team. Most reports on Jackson say heíd be willing to sign with the team for the veteran minimum, and that heís even turned down offers for the chance to play for the 49ers. The team should wake up and face the reality. They have a real chance at improving the team here, and the only thing that could possibly be holding them back is a chance at signing Antonio Freeman after June first.

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