What It Takes- 08/26/99
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What does it take to relish in victory after the Super Bowl? What do teams have to go through to become the best in the world. It all starts early in the year, shortly after the draft when the teams head out to mini-camps. Nearly a hundred players report to camp, and just over half will even have the opportunity to play in an NFL game. The players that have what it takes to succeed have that look of determination on their faces that never lets up.

To have what it takes is to endure the sweltering temperatures of the sun, to smile through the hours of multiple, daily practices, to keep your eyes open during the study of game film, to stay healthy, protecting your body from the vicious hits and gruelling workouts required of you to perform at the star calibre. To have what it takes is simply to never give in to that ever-lasting desire to quit.

The players that have the special drive, are those that succeed in the NFL. They are the players who when given the ball make the most of their every opportunity. They are the players who want the ball no matter what the situation. They are the players who can win a game single handily. They are the gems that coaches find more precious then an imperial diamond. They are winners.

The 49ers are currently evaluating the players still pushing themselves to make the roster. They are hoping to find a few more super stars in the making, they are hoping to find the next player who will catch that winning touchdown or knock down the pass that keeps the team alive, or possibly even the quarterback who will take hold of the 49ers once Steve Young becomes nothing more then a memory.

What every single player attempting to make the 49ers has gone through to this point is astounding. The constant work outs in temperatures near 100 degrees and the late night brain storming of plays are enough to make the ordinary human break down and cry, however those who have what it takes are those who can endure it, and help the team become the best there is and to hopefully accomplish what only 1 of 31 teams is able to do this season, to capture the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and rejoice in tears of happiness. Nothing else matters, it has come to the point where winning is everything; the 49ers are hoping to build a team with a strong enough foundation that victory will be the only thing that happens.
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