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49ers Will Welcome Line Back
August 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are hoping to return offensive linemen Jeremy Newberry and Ron Stone to the team’s starting lineup for this Wednesday’s match up versus the Chargers. Both Newberry and Stone have been out for quite some time now with injuries. During their absence they were sorely missed. And I do mean sorely.

Aside from the offensive line not having any real time to play fully intact, and the negative effect their injury had on the ability to build the chemistry they need to function as a unit, the 49ers were banged up while they were gone too.

Jeff Garcia was pounded on at quarterback. Under too much pressure, Garcia often didn’t have enough time to throw. The 49ers hope that changes with the return of these to men. Running backs were also punished. With no holes to run through the backs were hit harder, and hit more often.

Missing two players along the offensive line was certainly a painful experience for the 49ers. The team in its entirety is anxiously awaiting the return of both these men.

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