The Ups and Downs of the 49ers Missing A Game --09/17/01
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Although there really is no silver lining to the events of the past week, in the football world, it is worth examining the impact of missing the second week of games. More specifically will the 49ers benefit from having a week off so early in the season?

One issue that could be dismissed immediately is that the team will have more time to prepare for the up coming opponent. This is simply a non-factor as each opponent will have the same extra amount of time. Furthermore, the 49ers and most teams were still practicing for last Sunday's games until they received the official word that the games would not be played.

One area where the 49ers will benefit is in getting some of their injured players healthy. Julian Peterson and Greg Clark, the teams worst injured players, and also most valuable injured players will both benefit from the time off. Unfortunately it is still unlikely that either of them will be back particularly soon. Jamie Winborn however, may be healthy enough to resume his backup role with the team. Winborn a rookie this season will be the first man off the bench at linebacker upon his return. Meanwhile JJ Stokes, Jonas Lewis, and Anthony Parker should all be back in action as their injuries were more minor and probably would have played yesterday had there been a game.

On the other hand, the Rams are a likely to give the 49ers a greater challenge than the Saints would have. The 49ers match up better against a strong defense and a weaker offense. The Rams unfortunately have a strong offense and weaker defense. Had the 49ers gained confidence in playing and possibly beating the Saints, this Rams game could have been easier. Instead the 49ers defense will have to play its best game in two years in order to keep the 49ers offense in a winnable situation.

Of course the 49ers largest benefit will be that most of the team was able to turn to family this past weekend. Although many members of the team don't live near home any more, the time off to rationalize or at least to attempt to rationalize the horrors of the past week will prove beneficial. This time 'off' is really what the 49ers players and rest of the league needed this week in order to return to their jobs Monday morning. The next week will not be an easy time for the NFL and its players but over time the league will return to normal.

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