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Webster Not Sitting Back
May 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The third year Ďveteraní cornerback, Jason Webster had a choice to make this off-season. He could a) continue his regular off-season conditioning, and hope that his two years of experience would give him the edge over rookie Mike Rumph, or b) he could work his tail off in order to make sure the second starting cornerback position was his. By the sounds of things, it looks like Webster went with option b.

Webster has made amazing strides since joining the team as a rookie. He was thrown into the fire a few games into his rookie season, and had to learn quickly. The mature player, did exactly that, quickly giving the 49ers a solid corner opposite first round draft pick Ahmed Plummer.

It hasnít been enough to stop the Rams though, and that being the 49ers off-season priority this year, forced the team to draft another starting caliber cornerback, Mike Rumph. Rumph a first round pick will enter the depth charts as the teamís third cornerback. Heís the bigger than both Webster and Plummer, and has the potential to be a starter in this league. In the new NFL, itís important to have three starting caliber cornerbacks.

Rumph is expected to challenge Webster for the starting position, and regardless of who wins, the team will likely use Webster in the slot when offenses go to a three receiver formation, in order to get the best possible match-ups of speed and size. But Webster is not content with sitting back and losing his roster spot. Heís made a point this off-season to become a much better player.

Webster reportedly had an outstanding mini-camp with the team. He is ready to convince coaches that he is still the right man for the job, and in so doing he is pushing Mike Rumph to a higher level too.

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