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Webster Takes Focus Off Of Rumph
September 15 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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All this week Jason Webster has focused attention on himself. He spoke out about how he has to improve over his first performance of the season. He remarked that he was ready for the Broncos to come after him, and undoubtedly believes that they will, after giving up more than 100 yards in the first half of the season opener.

With all the attention Webster, a three year veteran is drawing to himself, rookie corner, Mike Rumph is falling into the shadows. And while there is no way Webster would have played down in the first game, one has to wonder, if the 49ers are using Websterís poor performance to take the attention away from their rookie cornerback.

Webster is a veteran of the game, he has been under fire before, and knows what it is like to be attacked by an offense repeatedly. Mike Rumph is a rookie who hasnít been in that position before. Webster undoubtedly will bounce back - he has already displayed the ability to do that. And so by having the media focus on him, Rumph has fallen of the radar screen.

Itís quite possible that Jason Webster and the coaching staff are bating the Broncos to come his way with the ball. The team would likely love to have the Broncos throw away from their rookie, especially because itís only the second game of the season. By Webster publicizing his mistakes, the 49ers could very well be trying to play with the Broncos heads. The outcome of such head games will be on display later today. I hope that Webster can truly bounce back from his poor first week performance.

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