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Webster Ready For Re-Test
September 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Jason Webster was the target of the Giants offense last week. The third year cornerback was certainly the right man for the Giants to pick on. Webster was beaten pretty badly, particularly on third down all game. He looked no where near his 2001 form, after returning from the field after nagging injuries this pre-season.

Webster makes no excuses for his performance against the Giants. He knows that he didnít do his job to the best of his ability. He doesnít claim that the move into the slot in passing situations or the slippery field contributed to his poor play. He takes the blame, and believes that it was his technique that was the problem.

When the Broncos come to town this Sunday, Webster will have to prove to himself, the league and the fans. He believes he has made the necessary corrections, and believes he has learned from his mistakes, after watching game film, and is indeed ready to solidify his corner position again.

Webster has been through all the trials and tribulations one can imagine. As a college student, he was regarded highly by his team mates, and asked to speak at a memorial service for those that suffered in the Bon Fire incident at Texas A&M. When entering the NFL, Webster was thrown almost immediately into the 49ers starting defense, and he was constantly the target of opponents attacks.

Webster has grown tremendously in his first two years in the NFL. In his third year, the 49ers believe he can become an impact player for the team in this his third year. How he responds to the tribulations of the first game of the season will be a key part of that development.

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