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Webster Steps Backward
September 08 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After a very promising sophomore season, the 49ers had extreme confidence in their starting cornerbacks Ahmed Plummer and Jason Webster. After the first game of this season, some of that confidence has dwindled with respect to Webster. Webster had a dismal performance, giving up an unofficial 142 yards in the first half of the game alone.

The 49ers believe that as a veteran, Webster can bounce back from his first performance, but the performance was certainly surprising. All off-season all reports from the 49ers were that Webster was on top of his game. To say the least, giving up 142 yards in one half of football, is certainly not what the 49ers had in mind.

There are however a number of contributing factors that may have played a role in Websterís rusty performance. It begins with a nagging injury that kept Webster out of most of the later part of training camp. As a result, he didnít have as much time to fine tune his game before the season.

Another factor could have been an extremely slippery field. While the whole team had to adjust to this factor, it is possible that Webster, who relies on his speed and quickness to play the cornerback position, was affected more than players like Ahmed Plummer who have a little more size and strength.

Whatever the cause for the downgrade in performance from Webster, heíll have to shape up quickly. Mike Rumph is catching on, and though he may not push for the starting position this season, it might not be long before he does. Of course, Webster will be facing some very talented offenses in the coming weeks too, and the 49ers will need him to bring his ĎAí game if they intend on stopping the offensive onslaught.

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