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Winning in 2002
October 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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While reviewing the first quarter of the 49ers season, I composed a series of statistics about the 49ers tendencies towards victory. Below is the compilation of those statistics.

All three of the 49ers victories have come when winning the take away battle.

When leading at half time the 49ers are 2-1.

At 1-1 it does not seem to matter if the 49ers score first.

When scoring at least 20 points the 49ers are 2-0.

When the opposition is held to 17 points or less the 49ers are 3-0.

When the 49ers have are 2-0 when passing for 200 or more yards.

The 49ers are 3-0 when rushing for than 100 yards, and 2-0 when rushing for more than 150 yards.

I will try and track these statistics three more times during the regular season so that we can get a feel for what it takes for the 49ers to win.

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