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49ers Get Break Against Rams
September 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Itís never good news when an athlete gets injured. But when your team is playing another team who just lost their starting quarterback, well things certainly look up. On Sunday, Ramsí quarterback Kurt Warner broke his little finger on his passing hand. He will miss at least a month and thus will not be active to face the 49ers this Sunday.

With Warner out, Jamie Martin, who threw just three passes last season will be in charge of the Rams offense. Given the Rams 0-4 record, my only worry is that Martin will somehow be a breath of life into a deflated team, as it did when Kurt Warner stepped in for Trent Green. Martin did settle in fairly well, throwing 37 passes, completing 24 of them for 262 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

The 49ers will undoubtedly come after the quarterback and try and fluster Martin. Itís no secret that teams try and throw off the games of less experienced quarterbacks in the league. The Rams will likely go to a heavy dose of Marshall Faulk to counter the pass rush.

Itís very important that with the Rams being 0-4 and without their starting quarterback, that the 49ers donít consider this game won. They have by no means proved they are a contending team this season, and certainly canít afford to lose to the Rams under these situations.

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