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The Depth At OL
August 23 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The offensive line depth chart is beginning to fill it self out. Behind the five starters the team has Matt Willig backing up at both the tackles and guard positions, and Ben Lynch as the teamís primary backup at center. That right there is seven players, and the team may be interested in keeping only that many along the offensive line. They would be better served to keep as many as nine offensive linemen though.

Should the 49ers keep nine offensive linemen, the final two spots would likely be filled by Dave Costa and Eric Heitmann in that order. Both players have left the 49ers with a good impression of their potential at the position, and both players have proved to be relatively versatile.

Of course, that means that Chad Ward and rookie Kyle Kosier are likely out of the picture. Ward is currently beating out Kosier who has a particularly bad outing against the Broncos, being flagged twice for lining up incorrectly.

With the 49ers struggling all summer with injuries to their offensive line, itís hard to believe the team would keep only two backups at the position. Protecting Jeff Garcia is going to be a key to success this season and in the future, and to do that, the team will need the offensive line to step up. It only seems to make sense to keep around some depth players in case of injury.

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