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Big Bill Leaves Big Shoes
February 23th 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The NFL Draft is arguably the biggest day in all of the NFL. Sure most believe that the Super Bowl is the biggest day in the NFL, but let's all consider this, only two teams participate in the Super Bowl. Conversely all 32 teams participate in the NFL draft, there are player trades, draft pick trades, and teams can secure the elevator ride up from bust to boom all in one weekend. So if you are still unwilling to concede the draft to be the biggest day in football, at the very least, it's the second most. In any case this years 49ers draft is a very special one.

Last season Bill Walsh ended his tenure as 49ers General Manager. The Genius himself has brought the personell into the 49ers organization that has once again brought respectability to the Red and Gold, but with him moving to a more consolatory role, Terry Donahue is in the lime light for the first season. It may not make the biggest difference come draft day, Walsh will still be in th 'War Room' giving his view on things, a view that is never taken lightly. The biggest difference may actually be in the weeks subsequent to the draft.

With Walsh at the helm, we all learned one thing, and that was not believe a word he said. Walsh is the master of confusion when it comes to the draft, nobody ever knows exactly what the 49ers are planning with him in charge, and so over the years we've learned not believe everything he says. Still he can be so convincing. Terry Donahue on the other hand has no experience at this. We as fans and even the media don't know what to believe.

Donahue has stated that cornerback is the 49ers biggest priority in the draft. And we have no reason not to believe him, other than if it was Bill Walsh saying it, we'd all have our doubts. Until draft day actually roles around we may not know what to believe from Donahue. At this point all we can do is sit back and watch, as Donahue attempts to fill the shoes that Walsh has left empty, we at least have the satisfaction that he was hand picked by Walsh as the successor - and the Genius will still be standing there in the corner, watching idly by.

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