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Bill Walsh Living Well In The Shadows
May 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Before the draft a hot topic surrounding the 49ers was whether Bill Walsh was going to be able to lurk in the teamís shadows as Terry Donahue assumed control of the General Manager position. Walsh built the 49ers, rebuilt them and then rebuilt again so his strong attachment to the team is quite understandable. Weíve seen him succeed in all kinds of roles with the team, but until recently, Walsh had never succeeded in a consultant position.

Itís been slightly over a year now that Walsh officially renounced his position of General Manager to his hand picked successor Terry Donahue. Walsh moved into a consultant position, a position he held unsuccessfully once before, when he worked under offensive coordinator Marc Trestman.

But with the bulk of the off-season moves behind the team, it looks like Walsh was indeed successful at stepping back and acting as a sounding board, rather than the man in charge. Heís been able to watch Terry Donahue execute what appears to be a successful draft, and continue the building of the team by retaining their own players, and bringing in some more young talent.

Walsh will likely hang around for another season or two, before he retires one final time from the 49ers. An incredible person and football mind, Walsh should be commended on yet another successful year at yet another position with the club.

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