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January 13th, 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terrell Owens himself is always a great story line. Whether Owens be trotting out to center field and celebrating on a star, complaining about coaches, or making breath taking catches - he always provides something worth writing about. Owens has done his part in trying to minimize the loss of Jerry Rice this season even while lacking a real go-to-guy opposite him.

This season, certainly one of Owens greatest publicity seasons, at least in the media, would have upset any coach. But Mariucci knows talent when he sees it, and as such he never let personal differences get in the way on the field.

The result is chemistry between Owens and Garcia unparalleled in the league. This past season Owens caught a career best sixteen touchdown passes. That’s one touchdown per game, and when broken down, approximately one score every six receptions. His contributions to this years team have been nothings short of outstanding.

Terrell Owens has provided the fire in the 49ers offense. He has been the focal points of oppositions defenses schemes and as such has filled in the for Rice admirably. Owens must be looking for a big game in the playoffs against the Packers. The last time Owens faced off against the Cheese Heads, he was responsible for one of the most dramatic plays in 49ers history. “The Catch II” as it is known or “The Redemption Rocket” as it is sometimes referred to, launched the 49ers past the Packers in a fashion only eclipsed by Dwight Clarks original Catch. Owens will be looking for a big game against the Packers this week, but of course, the Packers will do everything they can to make sure Owens does not leave the game smiling.

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