Bill Walsh In Control?

What is happening with the 49ers front office? Eddie Debartlo is under indictment, in a fight with Carmen Policy, and his sister. Could this get anymore confusing? Definitely. With Carmen Policy treading on thin ice, it appears that Bill Walsh is going to take over Policy's control of the 49ers. However it doesn't end there. Joe Montana is likely to buy into the team as well. None of this can happen just yet of course, because commissioner Tagliabue has put a front office freeze on the 49ers.

The Walsh, Policy controversy seems to be the biggest ordeal. This of course is because Policy has been on top of the 49ers, for around ten years. During that time, he has kept the 9ers on top. Sure Walsh was coaching, but once Walsh was gone, the winning continued. Then why fix it if it aint broke? Well, the 49ers are old, their philosophies are old, and they need youth. Here is where Bill Walsh "The Genius" steps in. He is infamous for his scouting abilities, and he will able to make the tough calls that others haven't in the pass.

However there is a downside as there always is. How will Steve Mariucci feel. He was the one who was supposed to be the savior, and he is doing a good job. Now he will have to contend with the shadow of the man who basically built the 49ers. Luckily however Mariucci will have time to adjust to this. Naturally this is still up in the air, and nothing has been done yet.

It doesn't end there though. Joe Montana is seriously considering buying in to the team. The idea of having Joe back on the team, greatly inspires me, but what about Steve Young. Sure they may hit it off, and have a great relationship, but there is the potential of disaster. Steve has emerged from Montana's shadow, and most likely doesn't want to put a dent in his ego.

The future of the 49ers may be in jeopardy here. Then again, maybe the changes are for the better. A new offense is already in the making, why not get all the weapons we can. Maybe Walsh, Policy and Clark can work as a team, and maybe Young and Montana and the rest of the quarterbacks can too. Only time can untangle this mess.

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