49ers Update---3/7/99

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49ers Update

By: Bryan Hersh

    The 49ers have had a ruff off-season so far.  At least that's how it may appear to your average football fan.  They have lost about 12 players in the off-season already, and only signed 3.  It seems that the Browns want to be as much like the 49ers as possible attaining more players from the 9ers then any other team.   Players such as Marqueze Pope, Terry Kirby, Antonio Langham, Ty Detmer, Steve Gordon, James Williams and Irv Smith have all left to Cleveland.  The 49ers have also lost Jamie Brown, Randy Kirk, Roy Barker, Frank Pollack, and Kevin Gogan. Four of these players were starters last season, and they all had some contributions to the team.

    Believe it or not, this is what Bill Walsh, the man currently in charge of the 49ers wants.  He wants draft pics, and youth, and may not be out of line by letting these players go.  Walsh believes the future of the 49ers is through the draft.  Hopefully he will be more successful then the 49ers have been lately in the draft.  Of course there is no reason to doubt him.  He is the man responsible for acquiring talents such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Ronny Lott, Roger Craig, and many other great players. 

    The 49ers have re-signed offensive lineman Dave Fiore and wide receiver J.J. Stokes.  Two moves that will help them for a long time.  They have also signed for C.F.L. most valuable player, quarterback Jeff Garcia.  It is unclear if the 9ers think Garcia can be there man of the future, but it wouldn't be that big a stretch to think so.  Garcia is the pro-to-type West Coast offense quarterback.   He has a good arm, and is quite quick.  The 49ers may become more active in free-agency very shortly.  They will need a defensive lineman, and defensive back and possibly some other defensive players if they intend to compete next season.  They will likely look to the draft for help, they may even try and deal Drukenmiller to get a hold of quarterback Cade McNown, another possible starter in the 49ers future.   However the most important thing the 49ers need to do this off-season is sign Terrell Owens, the team's franchise player, and leading receiver of the future.

    With a revamped front office consisting of Bill Walsh, Terry Donahue and John McVay, the 49ers are committed to being long term winners; not merely a team that looks to the near future.  The 49ers are adding youth to an aging squad.  If they can find the perfect balance they could be ready to continue their winning history which has spanned nearly two decades.

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