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Unsung Hero
June 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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You may as well give 49ers offensive lineman Dave Fiore a crystal ball. The versatile Fiore foresaw the future when the 49ers signed free agent guard Ron Stone this off-season. Fiore new he would be switching positions again, he even told Scott Gragg that hed be switching sides of the line long before the team got to mini-camp. Fiore was right, as the 49ers moved him from the right to left side of the line.

Dave Fiore is one of the most underrated players on the 49ers. The talented offensive lineman gets little credit for his work, but does everything the 49ers ask of him and more. He can play every position along the line, and has even filled in at center when the 49ers were desperate for a player. Fiore is simply that good at what he does.

Fiore will need very little time to adjust to the opposite side of the line. He knows the position, and the line calls well enough already. The move however, allows the 49ers to team Scott Gragg with newcomer Ron Stone. The two played along side each other with the Giants several years ago, and so the 49ers hope that teaming them up again, will help Stone along the learning curve in the 49ers offense.

The 49ers are expected to have one of the strongest offensive lines at the start of this season. They are relatively young, mobile and strong. The line will also be imploring a new philosophy of being unbalanced, as it is significantly heavier on the right side than the left. Time will certainly tell how effective this strategy will be, but coach Pat Morris at the helm, one should not worry.

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