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Challenge System
November 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Steve Mariucci has a unique challenge system for requesting an instant replay from the officials. Most coaches around the league depend solely on what staff upstairs see on the replay televisions. Steve Mariucci depends on these replays too, but also includes input from his players.

Players particularly those on the sidelines are instructed to go to Mariucci if they have a good view of any contestable play. The system is designed to get the most amount of opinions to the coach in the shortest period of time so that he can decide whether or not to challenge the play.

Mariucciís take on the system is unique in the NFL. Itís been quite effective during his tenure with the club and extremely effective this season, particularly at the beginning of this season. Itís just another way that the 49ers remain a step ahead of the competition.

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