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Ulbrich Still Starting
June 19 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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There will no doubt be a battle at linebacker this training camp. Linebacker Jamie Winborn will be looking to burst into the line up, and possibly un-seat Jeff Ulbrich from his starting position. Winborn received lots of praise last season when stepping onto the field, and the 49ers do believe that he will be a huge asset in controlling players like Marshall Faulk.

Still the starting spot belongs to Jeff Ulbrich who beat out Winborn last season in camp. Ulbrich has proven to be very competent in his role, and with an extra year under his belt could really step it up this season.

The 49ers may like a little more speed at linebacker so that they could release Julian Peterson on the blitz, which could make Derek Smith’s spot as a starter a little shaky. Rookie Saleem Rasheed is still very raw, but Smith, Ulbich and Winborn will have to look out for the competition from Rasheed by next season.

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