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Ulbrichís In Pain
November 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Linebacker Jeff Ulbrich has been starting in place of Jamie Winborn for several weeks now, and has been doing so in incredible pain. Ulbrich, while being interviewed on a bay area radio station disclosed that he does need surgery on his knee, but had decided to postpone the operation until Jamie Winborn and Saleem Rasheed are ready to return to the field.

Oddly, Ulbrich is not listed on the 49ers injury report - probably because there is no question that he will play, but he is playing in a whole lot of pain. The type of mentality to play through pain is hard to come by, but itís not uncommon for Ublrich.

In college, while his Hawaii team was winless, Ulbrich opted to play with an ACL injury rather than miss the teamís final game. In so doing, Ulrbich literally risked his pro career.

Ulbrich is the epitome of a team player, risking it all for the team. There are not many people, particularly in todayís game of Ďme firstí football that would but their bodies at risk for the sake of the team. Itís this mentality, and tenacious toughness that makes Ulbrich the ideal back up for the 49ers linebacking position.

Further - The team signed P Craig Jarrett, who was drafted in the sixth-round of this year's draft by the Seahawks, to their practice squad, and elevated safety John Keith to the regular roster.

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