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UDFA Receivers Unlikely To Make Squad
June 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers have a bunch of undrafted free agent receivers on their roster. Nate Jackson, Mike Jennings and the injured Donnie OíNeal are easily the most interesting prospects of the bunch. But none of these players are likely to make the teamís active roster.

Jackson was highly recommended to the team by Bill Walsh, and JJ Stokes and Jerry Rice were both impressed with what they saw in Jennings one day while they were working out at Stanford, but with so many established players on the 49ers roster, it will take more than good reviews to make the team.

Terrell Owens, JJ Stokes, and Tai Streets lead the depth charts. The team has flirted with the idea of adding a veteran receiver to this group at some point this off-season. Such a move would not only virtually eliminate the chances of any of the UDFA receivers in making the squad, but it could also put Cederick Wilson, a receiver drafted last year, out of a job.

The team will likely retain one of these players on its practice squad. Who that will be will depend on how they all handle training camp, and whether any of them are picked up off waivers by another team. Itís too bad that so much potential here, appears to be going to waste.

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